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Challenge Curriculum

The Victorians.

How did the Victorians help to shape the Blackrod we know today?

This term in History we are very excited to be learning about the Victorians. We will be looking at their time in History, important inventions, Blackrod today and in the Victorian Era and much more. 

Researching and ordering dates about the Industrial Revolution. 



Who lived in Britain first?

Stone Age to the Iron Age.


This term in history we are looking at the Stone Age to the Iron Age. The children will be looking at the life of early settlers, hunter gatherers and early farming. Look at our cave paintings and our Stone Age to Iron Age workshop.

Stone Age to Iron Age workshop.



Our topic this term is:

What makes the Earth angry?


We have been looking at the different layers of the earth, here are some pictures to show you what we have been getting up to.