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We have been using the compass to help us with direction and movement.



As part of our fieldwork for Geography we made our own rain gauges. We have been regularly measuring the amount of rainfall that we have had this week.

'What was the battle of Britain?'

(History based topic)


Our History topic for the Summer term is about World War Two. We have got lots of questions about this topic. We have been developing our enquiry skills by exploring artefacts.

'Why is the river Mersey so important to Liverpool?'

(Geography based topic)


As part of our 'WOW' for our topic we took a trip to Liverpool. Whilst in Liverpool we took a ferry across the river Mersey so we could admire the beautiful skyline of Liverpool. We also went into the museum of Liverpool and got to find out all about the Beatles and why football is important to a lot of people who live in Liverpool.

'How did the kings defend themselves from invasion

after 1066 to the present day?'

(History based topic)


As part of our 'WOW' for this topic we watched a clip from a battle. We then came up with some interesting questions for our topic on defences. So far we have found out why 1066 is such an important date in British history.




Why is Rome such an interesting place to live?

(Geography topic)


We have been learning about Rome. So far we have been able to locate Rome, using an Atlas. We have also identified other towns and cities that are nearby. We have enjoyed learning about famous landmarks like The Vatican and the Pantheon. In our English lessons we are writing a leaflet persuading people to visit the city of Rome.

As part of our reflection for our topic we tried real Italian food. Our classroom came to life with the wonderful aromas from pizza, salami, pasta and olives. Mmmmmm delicious.



(History based topic)


During the Autumn we have really enjoyed our Roman topic. We have looked at artefacts and have carried out a lot of research on laptops and from books.