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Spring term 1


This half term we are focusing on Georgraphy in our topic lessons. our Geography topic is the rainforest where the children will be discovering why the rainforest is so important and looking at the different features of a rainforest. They will also be looking at endangered animals in the rainforest and why the rainforest is in the news so often and how we can help.

Autumn term 2


This half term we are focusing on History in our topic lessons and we are looking at "Crime and Punishment" and the title of our topic is Why should Gunpowder, Plot and Treason never be forgotten. We will be exploring the way in which the country is ran, has changed over time due to significant events that have happened through the ages.

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Autumn term 1

This half term we are completing a geography topic as part of our challenge curriculum and it is all about 'What is special about the USA'. Have a look in the geography section to see what exciting things we have been getting up to!