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Grammar Definitions - Year 2

Noun (object, person, name) - Katie took her bag to school.

Verb (action words) - The girl jumped over the fence.

Adjective (describing words) - short, blue, sparkling

Noun phrase (adjectives that describe a noun) - A dark, gloomy house.

Adverb (modifies a verb, adjective, adverb or clause) - Silently, he walked into the room. Joshua soon started snoring loudly. That was really exciting.



Question - Where is my ball?

Statement - That is a pretty dress.

Exclamation (starts with what or how) - What a beautiful day! How lovely!

Command - Put the milk into the bowl.



Apostrophe (possessive) - The boy's toys.

Apostrophe (contraction) - I'm, didn't, couldn't

Inverted commas - "Where are my shoes?" shouted Freddie.

Commas in a list - I bought a banana, some strawberries and an apple.



Spring Term

World Book Day 2017 - The BFG, Roald Dahl

For World Book Day we came dressed in our pyjamas. We had a whole school assembly, with Mr Dryburgh telling us about his dream. Following the assembly we quietly moved around school, collecting dreams and putting them into our dream jars. This led to some incredible writing opportunities back in class.

Books we are reading in class.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Autumn Term

Books we are reading in class.

Books we are reading in class. 1
Books we are reading in class. 2
We have been re-telling stories from other cultures and writing instructions.

The Tiger Child

We used actions to re-tell the tiger child story. Then we re-wrote the story changing the characters and the ending!