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Themed displays to support our independent learning.

Autumn Term

English for this term will be closely linked to the Geography and Science focus. We will be reading the following stories:

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Jack Frost


In English we have been looking at a rhyming poem. We have been reading the story of Jack Frost.


This work has linked to our science work all about Winter.

Jack Frost

Jack Frost 1
See the curriculum jigsaw for further information.

Spring Term


Julia Donaldson


We have been reading 'The Stickman' by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffleer.

We have loved collecting sticks in the outdoor area and making our own stickmen. Please see our Art Page to look at our creations.

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Stickman 1

We have been reading The Smartest Giant in town written by Julia Donaldson. We loved joining in with the rhyme.


We have been writing sentences to describe the Giant's feelings and drawing an illustration to accompany it.

The Smartest Giant in town

The Smartest Giant in town 1

The Smartest Giant in town

Beegu - Cross-curricular links to our Science and Geography topics.


We had a crash landing and then the aliens came to visit

We had a crash landing and then the aliens came to visit 1

Beegu drama workshop

Beegu drama workshop 1

Alien themed morning - exploring a story using our senses

Fairy/Traditional Tales

Princess and the Pea

Summer term
We are starting off the summer term reading The Bog Baby, by Jeanne Willis. We will be looking at nouns and verbs, alongside writing fact sheets about Bog Babies.
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