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ENGLISH – This week we have been using the thesaurus to collect synonyms. (messy, big, small, old and young). In grammar, we have been using inverted commas.


MATHEMATICS – This week we have been using written methods to subtract. We have even been able to exchange with some of our methods. We have continued our work on subtracting 1’s, 10’s, 100’s and 1000’s from 4 digit numbers.


SPELLINGS – Our focus this week has been words with le endings.

Circle, castle, bubble, giggle, smile and table etc.


SPELLING ASSESSMENT NEXT WEEK – Before half term I will be carrying out an assessment on some of the taught spelling rules from this term.

REVISION: homophones, suffix ly, sion endings, Year 3 Common Exception words and le endings.


Another fantastic week Year 4!

Mrs McGrail and Team 4



We have had a fantastic week in Year 4. Have a look at our Science section on the class page to look at our pictures of our lesson on the digestive system.

ENGLISH – We have started our new focused text ‘How to Live Forever’. This week we have been making predictions and have been developing our inference and deduction skills.  In grammar we have been using exclamation and question marks.


MATHEMATICS – This week we have been using a written method to add two 4 digit numbers. We have also been problem solving missing number problems.


SPELLINGS – We have been looking at the suffix ly this week. Our focused words this week are:

actually, completely, finally, sadly and usually.


MATHS WORKSHOP – On Thursday 12th October there will be a Maths workshop in the Year 4 classroom. I will be demonstrating the strategies and the written methods we use in class.


Have a great weekend!

Mrs McGrail and Team 4


HOME LEARNING – The new diaries are due to arrive after October half term. A copy of the multiplications card and autumn spelling list have been stuck in the diary until the new ones arrive.


ENGLISH – This week we have written our own version of the poem ‘The Magic Box’. I have uploaded some photographs onto our class page under the English section.


MATHEMATICS – We have continued our work on place value and have been working on rounding numbers to 10, 100 and 1000. We have looked at counting in sequences of 25 and have carried out some problem solving investigations.


MULTIPLICATION – Our focused multiplication have been our 6’s.


SPELLINGS – This week our focus has been on 'sion' endings. Our focused words have included:

mission, permission, comprehension, vision, television, session, profession and pension.

Have a great weekend Year 4.

Mrs McGrail and Team 4


ENGLISH - During our grammar sessions, we have been using adjectives to expand simple sentences. We have also been collecting adjectives to describe magical pictures.


MATHEMATICS - We have continued our work on place value. We have been working on:

partitioning 4-digit numbers

using Roman numerals to 100

adding and taking 1000

rounding 3 and 4 digit numbers to the nearest 10 and 100



We have been working on our x6 multiplications and division facts.



On Thursday we had a Geography themed day. We spent a lot of time developing our skills.(Have a look at the challenge curriculum page for some fantastic photographs).


Have a great weekend Year 4!

Mrs McGrail and Team 4.smiley