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Year 6 Update 25.5.18

The children have 2 writing challenges for their home learning

(To be written in pen or typed)


To write a Biography for a person who you admire or inspires you

(Due Monday 4th June)

To write an exciting, engaging story of your choice

(Due Thursday 7th June)


Attached are the Year 6 writing expectations


Key Dates:

4th July - Blackpool trip

6th July - Year 6 Festival (evening)

13th July - Year 6 prom


Information will follow after half term


Have a great half term


Mrs Mead

Year 6 writing expectations

A Year 6 update 11.5.18


The Year 6 children have been amazing this week, we have worked hard in preparation for next week and the children should all feel proud of themselves.

Today we have spent enjoying revision activities such as treasure hunts and puzzles as well as a few treats.


There have been a few letters handed out this week, please check book bags. I have attached the two Year 6 specific ones below, one is a letter explaining the plans for next week.


The children need to relax and enjoy their weekend and make sure they have plenty of rest and early nights smiley 


Have a lovely weekend


Mrs Mead and the Year 6 team



Home Learning 10.5.18


Today we have reviewed shape and punctuation. The children completed most of their home learning tasks in class or the booster session. smiley


Year 6, If there is anything you find difficult, please don't hesitate to ask for help tomorrow.

We have completed the following tasks, have a look over todays work and finish off anything you can manage.


Punctuation Book:

Colons and Semi Colons pg. 36-41

Brackets and Dashes for parenthesis (extra information) pg. 28-30



Maths 100: pg. 40 to 43

Maths 100+: pg 40, 41 and 45


Home Learning 9.5.18

Reading Comprehension pg. 28-29 White Fang (20 minutes)

Remember to use evidence from the text to support your answers

Maths 100 pg.36&37 Money and Time (20 minutes)

Maths 100+ pg.42&43 Volume (20 minutes)

To be brought into school tomorrow (Thursday 10th)

Year 6 Home Learning 8.5.18

20 minutes reading task: Reading Comprehension Book pg 17 A letter from CS Lewis

15 minutes maths task: Maths 100 pg 29 Ratio and Proportion or Maths 100+ pg 27 Ratio (Pg 28 is optional)

To be brought into school tomorrow (Wednesday 9th)

Year 6 Home Learning 4.5.18

The children have a mini booklet of maths questions to work through.


Year 6 - Complete it in short bursts and don't panic if you find something difficult, just have a go and do your best.

It doesn’t all have to be completed over the weekend but do what you can and bring it in on Tuesday so we can review it in class. 


Enjoy the weekend smiley

Mrs Mead



Home Learning 2.5.18

Please complete any of the Grammar pages in Section 2 Pages 20-31 by tomorrow (Thursday)

 If you have completed all homework up to date, this should only be 2 pages.


Please complete the following Maths by Friday

Maths 100

Pages 22, 23 and 56

Maths 100+

Pages 19, 20 and 58

Home Learning 30.4.18

This week our Maths home learning will recap the areas we are revising in class/booster. I will post short tasks to complete on a regular basis, please check the class page everyday.

If you have not completed the following pages in class/booster please do so at home by Wednesday 2nd May

Maths 100 = Pg 24&27, Pg 48&49

Maths 100+ Pg 18&22, Pg 50&51

If you have any problems, please don't hesitate to ask




Year 6 update 27.4.18


A very energetic week in Year 6, we have been busy working hard across all areas of the curriculum. The children have been amazing and deserve to feel very proud of themselves.


Home Learning

Please learn all of the fraction/decimal/percentage equivalents for a speed test on Monday.

They are all printed in the home school diaries, children need to know:

1/2 halves, 1/4,3/4 quarters, 1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 4/5 fifths, 1/3,2/3 thirds, 1/8 and 1/10 all tenths


Have a nice weekend


Mrs Mead

Maths Home Learning

Due Friday 27th April

Try to complete 1 page each evening for 10-15 minutes

Maths 100

Page 15, 16, 25 & 26


Maths 100+

Page 14, 17, 54 & 55


Please let Mrs Mead or Miss Wright know if you are finding anything challenging and we will help you work it out smiley


Year 6 Update 20.4.18

What a lovely start to the summer term! The class have been working incredibly hard in class and making the most of the beautiful weather during their break times.

A group of children took part in the 'signing of the steel' this afternoon.

Mrs Thagia surprised us this morning with a fabulous memories display board, we have all enjoyed looking at ourselves over the years at Blackrod and have had a few giggles.

(See Twitter for the photographs and videos)

We have all enjoyed talking about Class of Mum and Dad this week, we are very proud of our school and all of our children. smiley

Home Learning

We will be giving the children short 10 minute tasks linked to the work they have completed in class throughout the week

Keep up with the sustained reading at least 3x per week

Complete the reading comprehension 'The Snow Queen' for TUESDAY


Year 6 Update 21.3.18


  • Parents evening slips have been sent home today
  • The Y6 swimming session is on Monday 26th - don't forget your swim gear!
  • There will not be a Maths Booster session on Monday due to the parents evening
  • Home Learning for Maths - The children have been given a mini booklet of shape work to recap and make sure they know well. Please support them in reading through it and learning the facts for Monday. 


Many Thanks

Mrs Mead

Year 6 Update 16.3.18

A great week in Year 6, everybody enjoyed World Book Day in their Pj's and following a reading activity, we chose our Summer term text 'There's a boy is the girls' bathroom.

I have spent time with children reviewing any areas they find difficult when completing home learning tasks. Please continue to make me aware of these so I can help and support them where needed.


Swimming assessment (26th March) (Slips to be returned next week)

Parents Evening (26th March) (slips to be returned by Monday 19th March)

Easter egg competition

Booster Club will not run on 26th March due to Parents evening

Home Learning


Tasks are short and should be completed throughout the week, not all in one go.

Sustained Reading minimum of 3x per week for at least 30 minutes

Grammar- Relative Clauses Pg 26 and 27 For THURSDAY

Punctuation -Inverted Commas Pg 16-17 For THURSDAY

Reading- Poems about Seasons Pg 14-15 For FRIDAY

Maths 100 - Pg 14 Multiples and Factors, Pg 17&18 Division

Maths 100+ -Multiples and Factors Pg 10-11,Pg 15 Division  

Many Thanks


Mrs Mead






Year 6 Update 9.3.18

Year 6 have had a brilliant week and despite the snow, completed their Bikeability training. They were a credit to themselves and represented Blackrod Primary with pride whilst out and about in the village.

Yoga continued this week with the second group taking part in their session with Mrs Bradley this afternoon.


It is World Book Day on Wednesday, don't forget to come dressed in your pyjamas for the Bedtime stories theme.

Wednesday is the first Year 6 glow in the dark fitness session 3.30-4.30pm

Home Learning

Home learning spellings will be assessed soon, please practise practise practise!

Maths - to know the conversions between mm-cm, cm-m, m-km and the inverse

g-kg and kg-g

ml-l and l-ml

Reading - Page 12-13 Olympic torch relay for Thursday

Have a good weekend

Mrs Meadsmiley

Year 6 Update 2.3.18


A good start to a chilly spring half term! The creative Mayans homework is fantastic, thank you for all of your support in helping the children to be creative and imaginative with their tasks. I will post pictures of the Mayans work on the class twitter page later this week.

Our first Yoga session took place yesterday with Mrs Bradley, the children were amazing and tried really hard to listen and follow the instructions. Due to Bikeability, next weeks session will be on Friday 9th March.

Due to Bikeability, we have completed some of the Spring term assessments this week, children have been given their papers back to look at home and to share their successes. Everybody is working hard and striving to do the best that they can do.

Bikeability will take place on Wednesday and Thursday, children need all of the relevant equipment explained in the information letters and will need to wrap up warm.

Home Learning Tasks

For Monday 5th March = Maths 100 Pages 33,34,35  or Maths 100+ Pages 35&36

For Wednesday 7th March Punctuation Pages 22 and 23

Year 6 update 16.02.18

Happy half term everybody!

Yesterday afternoon the Y5&6 Sports hall athletics team represented Blackrod Primary with pride and came second out of fifteen schools across Bolton. Due to unforeseen circumstances, three children stepped into the team at the very last minute showing bravery and team spirit. The team were exceptional and we are very proud of them all.


We are still enjoying the class novel Wonder and have been working hard in all areas across the curriculum. The children have produced some wonderful stories for the 500 words competition and it was incredibly difficult to choose a small selection to enter. We will celebrate all of the children's efforts after half term.


Home Learning 16.2.18

Maths for Monday

Maths 100+ Pages 6, 7, 53 and 54

Maths 100 Pages 6, 7, 53 and 54

Reading for Tuesday

Hostages to handheld devices Pages 8&9

Cider with Rosie Pages 10&11

Grammar and Punctuation for Thursday

Punctuation Pages 14 and 15 Apostrophes

Grammar Pages 46 and 47 Standard English




Year 6 Update 9.2.18

Year 6 have enjoyed researching about two local historic events this week. The 100 year anniversary of the Votes for Women bill and the 60 year anniversary of The Munich Air disaster. Look out for their reports which will be posted or read online later in the term

Home Learning

On Monday, we will be writing our entries for the Chris Evans' 500 word story competition.

Over the weekend, the children have been asked to write a plan and/or draft their story ready for Monday's English lesson.They have a copy of the instructions in their bags and they will be posted on here as a reminder for anybody who has lost theirs.


The children have been asked to check that they have completed all of their past home learning tasks by Monday. It is very difficult to review the tasks with the children and support them with their challenges if they have not completed the work on time or brought their books into school.


Please ensure all booster books and home learning diaries are in school bags every day. We are reviewing homework and identifying areas of challenge regularly and using the books in booster sessions.

Thank you for your continued support

Mrs Mead




The following information has been sent home today.


Bikeability 7th and 8th March


March 7th and 8th is the Year 6 Bikeability course. I have requested the information which will arrive shortly. In the meantime, it is worth children having a practise riding their bikes to ensure they are stable and confident. To work towards Level 2, the children are required to ride on the roads but will only be allowed to do so if they are wearing a helmet that fits correctly and can ride their bike steadily.


I will send out the course information as soon as it arrives


Many Thanks


Mrs Mead

Year 6 Update 2.02.18

A fantastic busy week in Year 6, all the children have worked incredibly hard across the curriculum.

In PE we are learning how to play Badminton in doubles, it's getting rather competitive.

There is a fantastic Mayan display linked to our challenge curriculum and also work inspired by the text Wolves in the Walls. These images will be posted on our twitter and class page so please have a look.

Children have completed some progress assessments recently, they have been given some of their papers to take home so feel free to have a look through and discuss with your child. We have some children who are feeling very proud of themselves as they have worked incredibly hard and made great progress.

Home Learning

The children record all home learning tasks in their diaries, these need to be completed by Thursday 8th February

Maths 100 Pg 9 and 13 OR Maths 100+ Pg 13 and Pg 23

Grammar Pg 58 and 59

Punctuation Pg 12 and 13

Any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to contact me at school or write a note on the home learning.

Have a great weekend

Mrs Mead and The Year 6 team


Year 6 Update 22.1.18


Y6 Maths Booster

Children have their revision books with them and will write the instructions in their home learning diaries tomorrow (Tuesday)


Please complete:

Angles on a straight line work and show working

On the scalene and right angled triangles work; complete all of the estimating angles

Revision books need to be returned to school by Friday 26th January


Children have been asked to bring a  ring binder folder into school so that they can store any revision work. There is no obligation to buy a new one, any folder will be fine. The children can customise it if they wish to.

Year 6 update 5.01.17

Happy New Year!

Its been a short yet still busy week in Year 6, everybody has returned to school with lots of enthusiasm.

The new diaries have been sent home, these now replace the old exercise book diary. The home school learning spellings and mathematical facts are all included. We have completed the home learning challenges and the children have recorded them in their diaries, please continue to support your child with their home learning.

Year 6 booster sessions are due to start on Monday 15th January, a letter has been sent home this week.

Home Learning Tasks:

Learn the fraction/decimal/ percentage equivalents (see note in diary)

Read 3x 30 minutes and have at least 3 entries recorded in the diary

Begin to learn the Spring Term spellings (see list in diary)


On behalf of the Year 6 team, I would like to say a huge thank you to all of our families for the lovely cards, gifts and festive wishes sent before the holidays.


Happy New Year to you all


Mrs Mead


Year 6 festive update 15.12.17

It has been a busy week in Year 6, the children have been fantastic. The winter production was sensational and I am sure you are all as proud of your children as we are.

On Tuesday afternoon, we enjoyed the panto in school and are now fully in the festive swing.


The children completed the class novel 'Holes' this week, it has been great to see them all so engaged and excited by the story. As a treat, we are hoping to watch the Disney movie on Monday morning, the children have brought a letter home which requires a permission slip being signed and returned on Monday.


It is the party on Monday afternoon, children can come to school in their clothes but must make sure they are wearing sensible shoes and a warm coat.


Attached below is the Holiday homework, please have a look through our class page as we have added photographs from recent weeks. Keep following us on twitter for regular updates and photographs.


I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support this term, Year 6 have been amazing, they truly deserve a rest over the holidays.


Have a very Merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all in 2018


Mrs Mead



Holiday Homework 15.12.17

Year 6 Update 24.11.17

We have completed test week this week and children will be bringing their test papers home. We have reviewed these in class but ask that children review them with and adult and try to correct or amend some of their mistakes in SPAG and Maths. For Reading, a copy of the text is available below.

We are currently assessing children on their home learning work - spellings and multiplications. We will feedback to parents on their progress over the next couple of weeks.


  • It is our Y6 parent/child interviews on Tuesday and Wednesday, please contact the office if you have not already made an appointment or spoken to a member of staff.
  • Our fabulous 'Christmas Tree service' is on Friday 1st December, children can wear Christmas accessories for the event. Following that, it is the PTFA Christmas Markets on Friday evening. We hope that you can come along and support the event.
  • Homework: As usual; spellings, multiplication practise and sustained reading for 30 minutes 3 x per week plus review test papers and make corrections.
  • Winter production after school rehearsals will begin on Monday

Have a great weekend





Year 6 Update 17.11.17

We have had a great week in Year 6. Lots of hard work and energy in lessons. The children had a great session on Monday when we watched a performance of Wolves in the Wall to start our English. We have worked collaboratively with Year 5 in English and will continue to do so next week. Our reading swap shop is very popular, children are engaged with the concept and are happily recommending books to each other and sharing. Thank you to all of the children who have contributed so far. In Diversity week we have had some mature and indepth discussions around the quote 'We are all born free and equal' Year 6 have discussed what every child's entitlement should be no matter what.

Children in Need day began with a lively and energetic fitness assembly with Miss Parr and Pudsey, thank you for your support.

We have auditioned for the production 'Christmas is forever' today and parts have been cast. We ask that children work really hard to learn their lines off by heart. Information regarding costumes, after school rehearsals and additional dance parts will be finalised next week.


Homework is as usual - Autumn Term spellings, multiplications and sustained reading for 3x 30 minutes.


Enjoy the weekend


Mrs Mead

Year 6 Update 10.11.17

It's been a busy week in Year 6, the children have worked incredibly hard, selling poppies and other poppy items for Remembrance.

We have written our class charter and as a class, the children have decided how they think they should behave around school as role models for our younger pupils.

In English we have been using song lyrics to develop our reading skills, we also did a little bit of singing along as wellsmiley

We are taking part in Barvember which is a daily bar model challenge from The White Rose Maths Hub, it is embedding our application of the bar model strategy (as discussed at the recent Maths strategy parents meeting)


Weekly home learning is:

Reading 3x30 minutes per week (minimum)

Practise times table and division facts so they can be recalled instantly (up to 12x)

Y6 Autumn Term spellings (see below for the list)

We will be having weekly challenge tests to monitor children's progress in their home learning  

It is crucial that children are supported in completing these tasks daily and embedding their skills.


Year 6 update 3.11.17

Another busy week in Year 6, we started off with an enthusiastic writing session advertising Spooky products for Terror TV

We have focussed on fractions this week and are beginning to embed using the bar model to solve problems. Next week we will be taking part in White Rose Hub Barvember - a daily challenge using the bar model.


Please continue to practise the multiplications and division facts for times tables up to 12, these are crucial in supporting children in accessing the maths curriculum.


Children have brought home an audition letter and rehearsal script in preparation for 'Christmas is Forever' this years KS2 performance.


Please make an appointment for our upcoming parents day meetings

Homework is to learn the Autumn term spellings, practise all multiplications off by heart and to read 3x30 minutes per week


Have a great weekend

Mrs Mead


Year 6 update 19.10.17


Happy Half Term Year 6frown


We have had a busy week, the children sang beautifully in the Harvest Celebration and were excellent representatives of our school when they went out to visit the elder members of the community and deliver gifts. This is working towards our British value for this term 'Contributing to the community'. The children also worked tirelessly to sort the food bank donations and will be visiting the food bank shortly after half term. Thank you to everybody for their kind and generous donations.

A letter was sent home today explaining the Home Learning expectations as explained during 'Meet The Teacher.


Applications for secondary school places are due by 31st October

School is closed tomorrow (Friday)


Have a great half term Year 6


Year 6 Update 13.10.17

Another good week in Year 6, we have mastered the 'chunking' strategy to divide 4 digit numbers and can apply it to reasoning. We have continued to read our class novel Holes and study 'Way Home' in English lessons putting ourselves into the shoes of the main character Shane.


This week children were given their words for the Harvest Celebration, I have attached the words below so If anybody hasn't brought them home then they can access them here. Year 6 will be delivering Harvest gifts in the community next week, a permission slip will be sent home on Monday.


Thank you to the group of parents who attended the Year 5&6 mathematics session. As a parent, It is so important to have an understanding of the expectations and how your child is being taught in order that you can support their learning at home. We hope you found the session useful and if you have any further question, please don't hesitate to ask.

Reminders for next week

Reading homework is a minimum of 3x30 minutes per week

Harvest words need to be learnt off by heart

Harvest Celebration is on Tuesday afternoon

Harvest Delivery Tuesday and Wednesday (practise your best smiles)

Thursday is non uniform day for PTFA hamper donations, the Year 6 hamper is blue.




Y6 Harvest Words

Year 6 Update 6.10.17

Another great week in Year 6, we are really immersed in our class novel 'Holes' and have been tackling BODMAS in Maths.

The Blue Watch from Fire Service came in to talk to us about Halloween and Bonfire safety, we listened really carefully and asked very mature and interesting questions.

Keep following us on twitter and looking at the class page for regular updates and photographs.


There isn't a reasoning Maths challenge for this week so please really focus on your multiplications, spellings and sustained reading (at least 3x30 minutes)

Reminders for next week:

Suitable clothing for outdoor learning with Miss Holmes on Wednesday

Have a great weekend!



Year 6 Update 29.09.17

What a busy week we've had up in Year 6, we are really getting into our class novel 'Holes' and have focussed on prime numbers, factors and multiples in Maths.

The Macmillan Coffee Morning was fantastic, the class hosted the event brilliantly and many of our guests commented on their excellent behaviour and exceptional manners. Well Done Year 6 smiley


The Autumn Term spellings for home learning are now available below, please learn these on a regular basis and discuss the vocabulary, 'do you know what all of the words mean?'

The Maths Reasoning challenge this week is Prime factors and multiples - have a go and record your challenge in your diary. (I have adapted the file so it should be accessible, please let me know if there are formatting issues and I will print a copy for you to take home)


Reminders for next week:

  • We will be learning about The journey of a River on Wednesday and will be venturing outdoors to the Secret Garden, please bring a coat and suitable outdoor shoes.
  • Parent Pop in is Thursday 5th October - please come upstairs and see Year 6.


Have a lovely weekend



Y6 Update 21.9.17


We have had a very busy, productive week in Year 6. We have completed some assessments and everybody has given their best efforts. Well Done!

We have discussed the upcoming Macmillan Coffee Morning and created some posters to promote our event.

Growth Mindset has been a big focus for Year 6 and we have compared growth and fixed mindsets and discussed how we approach challenges. There is a super display in Year 6 representing Growth Mindset so don't forget to have a look at the next Parent Pop in session.

Maths Reasoning Challenge below this week is Place Value

Reminders for next week:

  • Book fair (see letter for opening times)
  • Macmillan Coffee Morning on Friday 29th September - Please could you donate cakes, biscuits and baked goods to support this fantastic charity. All are welcome to attend the event. (details to follow

Have a great weekend!

Maths Reasoning Tasks - Please have a go and record it in your Home School Diary

Year 5&6 Home Learning Spelling and Vocabulary