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14th June 2019


This week we have started an information booklet on plastic pollution and complete an amazing report ready for our trip to the seaside.


In maths we have revisited money addition and completed word problems. The children are doing really well with telling the time and any practise at home is much appreciated.


For our mini enterprise at the summer fair we are re-using clear plastic bottles and making piggy banks. Can you send in your empty, clean,  plastic bottles please.


Have a wonderful weekend.


Mrs Littlefair and the Van Gogh team.



7th June 2019


We have had a great week and we have continued to learn about recycling and the impact of plastic on different habitats.  On Monday afternoon Van Gogh Class are visiting the forest to pond dip and to explore what pond habitats looks like. Can you ensure they have a pair of joggers/leggings with them if they aren't wearing trouser already.


In maths we have been practising our reasoning skills with word problems. We have also explore calculations in different formats.


We had a great time with our visitor from History Alive showing us old puppets and toys. The children loved the Punch and Judy show.


Have a wonderful weekend.


Mrs Littlefair and the Van Gogh Team


17th May 2019


This week we pretended we were Grace Darling a wrote a diary entry about the day we rescued 9 people. We also created story maps about our own coast to coast stories.


We have continued to look at time in maths and recap on different ways of measuring.


Have a wonderful weekend.


Mrs Littlefair and the Van Gogh team.





10th May 2019


This week we have been learning about Grace Darling as parts of our Coast to Coast learning theme. We have explored the 5 oceans on a map. Next we are looking the seas surrounding the UK and water safety.


We are continuing to complete our weather diaries and hopefully next week we'll have some better weather to record.


Have a great weekend.


Mrs Littlefair and the Van Gogh team.

3rd May 2019

The children enjoyed their visit to the church yesterday and behaved exceptionally well and made us very proud. Well done Van Gogh!


This week we have continued with the Lighthouse Keepers Lunch story and we have been writing from different character perspectives; we loved pretending we were seagulls.


We have started our weather diaries this week, we are logging weather changes, patterns, temperature and time. Along with this we have been practising spelling the associated vocabulary;  rain, wind, breeze, rainbow, cloud, warm, sunshine, sunny, cold etc.


We have a telling the time challenge in class as the children are enjoying telling the time at various points of the day.


There are new spellings loaded on Spelling Shed and new challenges set on Times Table Rock Stars.


Have a wonderful bank holiday weekend.


Mrs Littlefair and the Van Gogh Team



26th April 2019


We have had a great first week of Summer term. We continued to learn about time and I was great to see that you have been practising telling the time at home.


There are Cracking Comprehensions loading in both Y1 and Y2 pages and new spellings added to Spelling Shed.


As part of our Coast to Coast learning theme we are reading The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch . This week we have done wonderful story boards on the story and developed noun phrases.


Mrs Littlefair and the Van Gogh Team.

5th April 2019


We have had a fabulous and busy term learning lots about London and our local area.


Over Easter you can access, Cracking Comprehension, Spelling Shed and Times Tables Rock Stars.


We have been busy learning about times, we would love to see any pictures you would learning about time at home.


There is a Coast to Coast creative challenge in everyone’s book bags. This work will be put on display in our classroom for the start of our new topic.


Thank you for your continued support.


Have a great Easter break.


Mrs Littlefair and the Van Gogh Team


29th March 2019


The children have been writing in their own diaries most days this week and its' been great to see the children starting their own diaries at home and bringing them in to share with the class.


In maths we have been looking at measure using metres, centimetres and non-standard measure. We have also recapped on tens and ones by partitioning numbers. Next week in maths we are looking at time.


Have a wonderful weekend.


Mrs Littlefair and the Van Gogh Team.

22nd March 2019


This week we have been looking at different diaries. We researched Samuel Pepys and his diary entries about the Great Fire of London.  


Next week in maths we are looking at measure and practising our times tables.


Have a wonderful weekend.


Mrs Littlefair and the Van Gogh Team

15th March 2019


You all made a great effort with the outfits for Comic Relief; the children looked fabulous. Thank you for your kind donations.


We are continuing to look at fractions next week. This week we have been halving and quartering shapes, amounts and numbers.


Please continue to use Cracking Comprehension and Spelling Shed, there is new stories and words loaded to their accounts.


Enjoy your weekend!


Mrs Littlefair and the Van Gogh Team


8th March 2019


We had a great World Book Day; all the children looked amazing and were brilliant at reciting their poems. There are photos on our class page under English and on Twitter.


We have had a fun week looking at following instructions and we made fruit pizzas so we could write our own instructions on how to make them. We have also explored floating and sinking and the children have an observation on their Tapestry account.



This week please can children spend time on Spelling Shed. Use the link on the class page and use the same password as they use for Purple Mash password but with their initials at the start.


Mrs Littlefair and the Van Gogh Team


1st March 2019


We have had a great first week back. In Maths we have been looking at tally and block charts and we moving on to fractions next week. In English we have been learning how to right instructions and the meaning of singular and plural. In science we are exploring floating and sinking, starting by a design challenge to build a boat.


For home learning this week please can all children find and learn a poem that they enjoy and bring this in to school next Friday, to share with the class, on World Book Day.


The SATs revision books have arrived and will be sent out to the parents that have paid. If you still need to pay, please do so and you will receive your books.


Have a wonderful weekend.


Mrs Littlefair and the Van Gogh Team



15th January 2019


Happy Half Term Van Gogh!


We had a great week with the author Nicholas Allen coming to see us. The children had loads of fun and he was very impressed with how wonderfully behaved and well mannered the children were. Well done Key Stage One!


I've loaded a Cracking Comprehension to your account if you wish to do some extra reading .


Next half term we are continuing to learn about London and other capital cities in the UK by comparing them to our local area.


Have a wonderful, well deserved break.


Mrs Littlefair and the Van Gogh team.

8th February 2019


This week we have been exploring regular and irregular shapes, lines of symmetry and shape properties. We have continued to look at materials in Science, in particularly what we can recycle and how we can recycle them.


For home learning this week we would like you to share what recycling you do and what items have the recycling symbol on them.


There are Cracking Comprehensions loaded on to your accounts if you'd like to do some extra reading.


Have a wonderful weekend.


Mrs Littlefair and the Van Gogh team.

1st February 2019


This week we have written some wonderful reports on the what happened throughout the week of the Great Fire of London. In science we have completed experiments using materials and we reviewed our findings to enable us to improve our designs.Thank you to all the parents who came to the Phonics and SATS meeting last night.


Year 1 have some phonics practise sheets for their home learning. These can stay at home and can be worked through at your child's own pace.


We have set everyone an optional Cracking Comprehension task. Your children know how to access this via the website.


Have a great weekend.


Mrs Littlefair and the Van Gogh team.

 25th January 2019


We have had a very creative week. They have started making the London themed vehicles in D&T and today we have been using different materials to make a waterproof shelters. They have explored the Great Fire of London in History and drafted a letter to the Queen in English.


Year 1 spellings: saw, was, one, two, three, do and London.


Year 2 spellings: every, should, Lane, class, house and only.


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Littlefair and the Van Gogh Team


18th January 2019

We have been continuing to look at London and we have explored the book The Queens Knickers. We have all done super writing this week and we are getting much better at Cracking Comprehension.


Year 1 spellings - first, next, then, after that and finally.

Year 2 spellings - children, people, little, wood, table, metal and paper.


Have a super weekend.


Mrs Littlefair and the Van Gogh team.

11th January 2018


We have had a great first week back and produced some wonderful work.


Maths - we are looking at division and multiplication


English - split digraphs, commas for lists and adjectives.


Creative Curriculum -  what we know about our capital city.


Year 1 spellings - they, she, my, your, chase, pace, athlete and compete.

Year 2 spellings - London, city, queen, great, fire, capital, some and because.


Have a super weekend.


Mrs Littlefair and the Van Gogh team.

21st December 2018


It's Christmaaaaaaass!


We have had a super term and the children are ready for a well deserved rest over the Christmas break. They have all worked extremely hard and we are very proud of them all.


Thank you for all your support this term, and thank you for your lovely gifts.


We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a fun filled new year.


Ho Ho Ho


Mrs Littlefair and the Van Gogh Team

14th December 2018


We have had a fabulously festive week. We were all amazing in the school performance and blew everyone away with our wonderful singing.

The Year 2 children made their teachers proud today when we went on tour spreading the festive cheer, singing in the nursing homes around Horwich and Blackrod.

 PE kits have gone home today, can you please check your child's trainer sizes. Please see the link below for their creative homework for the new year.

Have a great weekend. Ho Ho Ho!


Mrs Littlefair and the Van Gogh Team

7th December 2018

We have been busy this week with performance rehearsals...not long now!

English - we have recapped nouns and adjectives and completed noun phrases to describe illustrations from the book The Darkness Dark. We have also started looking at the differences between questions and statements, creating questions for the great explorers Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus. 


Maths - we have continued working with money, adding  subtracting amounts, we are moving on to finding change next week. Please can children have fun on Purple Mash this week working with money, just type money in the search bar, then select 'money'. 


No spellings this week.


Have a wonderful weekend


Mrs Littlefair and the Van Gogh Team.



30th November 2018


We had a wonderfully festive day and we all looked amazing with our Christmas jumpers and accessories.


English - we have recapped nouns and adjectives and will be looking at nouns phrases and questioning next week.

Maths - we have continued to look at money, adding pounds and pence.


This week’s spellings are: value, minus, pound, pence, rocket, times and divide.


Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Littlefair and the Van Gogh Team

23rd November 2018

We've had another busy week with burying the time capsule and Mr Bean the astronaut coming to visit us. We have started to look at money and recognise the value. We also made some Christmas decorations in the style of Van Gogh Starry Nights ready for the Christmas Tree service.


Instead of spellings this week please can children look at using money. Recognise the value and adding up pounds and pence. Pictures can be uploaded to Tapestry.


 Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Littlefair and the Van Gogh Team

16th November 2018

We are enjoying our new topic ‘Great Explorers’ and researched facts about Neil Armstrong. In maths we are working on subtraction and subtraction with exchange. We practised painting in the style of Vincent Van Gogh and did our own version of Starry Nights.


Year 1 spellings - do, a Tuesday, once, Saturday


Year 2 spellings - Neil, space, Armstrong, landing, landed, year and Apollo.


Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Littlefair and the Van Gogh team.

9th November 2018

We’ve had another great week; we had an amazing day on Wednesday celebrating Diwali and completed the week by continuing our work on the WW1 centenary and Remembrance. Van Gogh class made us all very proud with how well behaved and respectful they were during the minute’s silence on Friday.

Thank you to everyone who brought in a pink donation for non-uniform day, the pink hamper is looking great.


Year 1 spellings: of, was, Monday, Tuesday, once and are.


Year 2 spellings: autumn, spring, summer, winter, said, where, some and next.


Mrs Littlefair and the Van Gogh team

2nd November 2018

We got off to a wonderful start and we were praised on the trip to House of Raja and the Hindu temple on Tuesday, with the organisation tweeting how the children were well mannered and a credit to the school.

We have been focusing on letter and number formation, encouraging the children to check their work and edit it where required. We will continue with work on Remembrance and the WW1 centenary next week and we will be looking at WW1 poems.

Year 1 spellings: We have sent home a sheet to practise spellings, this does not need returning to school. Please reinforce spellings by writing simple sentences using the words in your handwriting books. We are still on autumn term spellings and we will continue to rotate these over the next six weeks, repeating previous ones.

Year 2 spellings are: who, used, war, world, November, poppy and poppies. Please practise these in their handwriting books.

Polite notice – If your child has a book bag, (Year 1 children were given one in Reception) can they please use this for school. We have limited space for bags in our new classroom as there is no cloakroom and rucksacks are making it difficult for us to store their belongings. We’d really appreciate your support with this.


Many thanks

Mrs Littlefair and the Van Gogh Team



19th October 2018

We have had an amazing first half term; the children have work very hard and the whole Van Gogh team are extremely proud of them.


The last Forest School session for this term will be on Wednesday 31st October. Please remember to bring a change of suitable clothes.


There has been no homework set over the half-term holiday. Have a lovely time and we look forward to next half term.



12th October 2018

Forest School – there will be no Forest School on Wednesday. Children will have their final forest school session for this term the first Wednesday back after half term (31th Oct).

Spellings – we will be highlighting spellings off in reading diaries next week. We will only be looking at the spellings they have been asked to learn at home so far. For next week please revise these spellings. I am not sending home any additional words for Year 1 this week.

English - this week we have been focusing on adjectives, verbs and nouns

Maths - we have been finding 1 and 10 more or less than a number then moving on to addition.

Geography – we have had load of fun learning about the seven continents with quizzes, songs and videos. I’ve popped a few of our favourite things in the Geography folder on our class page.

This weeks spellings for Year 2 are:










Have a super weekend.

Mrs Littlefair and the Van Gogh Team



5th October 2018

English - this week we have been identifying and using verbs.

Maths - We have been looking at different ways of making ten using the ten frames, and we have been comparing number sentences and identifying number facts.

Challenge Curriculum - Children are continuing their work on India. They have been looking at the differences between England and India.

Forest School - We are loving being outside in the forest and the children have been developing some amazing independent skills. We made an amazing colour chart using leaves.


This weeks spellings are:


Year 1



















Please use the handwriting book provided. This will help with handwriting at the same time as spellings.


Mrs Littlefair and the Van Gogh team!

27th September 2018

In English this week we have been creating silly sentences focusing on who, what, when and where. We have looked at Phase 4/5 sounds in phonics and practised our letter formation.

In Maths we have been matching numerals and words, and missing numbers.

Children are really enjoying the forest school and we have been blessed with wonderful weather.

 Please have a look at the class webpage and twitter feed for photographs.

This week's spellings are: (quiz next Friday)

Year 1








Year 2










Please use the handwriting book provided. This will help with handwriting at the same time as spellings.


I have enclosed a copy for you to practise at home. You do not need to return this.

Thank you for your support.

Mrs Littlefair and the Van Gogh Team

14th September 2018

We have had a great first full week in Van Gogh - enjoying Forest School, PE and much more. We will continue to go over to the Forest School every Wednesday until half term so if you haven’t already brought wellies in, please can we have them for Wednesday. Reading books have gone home this week, along with Home School diaries. Some people have already started with their spellings which is great; please practise the number stories as well.

The morning line up is going much more smoothly, however when the whistle goes can parents allow their children to line up independently.

Many thanks

Mrs Littlefair and the Van Gogh Team

7th September 2018 

We have had a fantastic few days in our new classroom and all the children have been amazing. Our topic for this half term is India; which we started with a book called Ganesha’s Sweet Tooth.

As promised we are continuing Forest School sessions in Key Stage One. Over this half term Van Gogh class will be having their Forest School sessions on Wednesday afternoons. We will be getting mucky so they can bring a change of clothes if you’d prefer, they will need trousers and a long sleeved top with wellies or sturdy footwear such as walking boots, along with a waterproof coat. Please do not go to any expense, if you have any problem with any of the clothing please come to see me at the end of the day. If you would like more information please visit the Forest School section on our website.

We are looking forward to our first full week with lots of exciting learning ahead.


Mrs Littlefair and the Van Gogh Team