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Timmy Tennis Tapathon

For our sponsored event, Reception decided to do a Timmy Tennis Tapathon to raise money for the schools chosen charity and to buy new Actiphons resources to help us with our learning about phonics. We all tried really hard during the morning to learn lots of new tennis skills and counted how many taps we could do with a tennis ball and tennis racket for one minute!

Art Day

We learnt lots about Salvador Daly, our current artist, on Art Day. We made our own moustaches after learning about all the different styling he did with his moustache. We also had a go at drawing different butterflies using oil pastels, as this was one of his favourite things to paint and draw.

Sports Day

We really enjoyed our first sports day. We did lots of different events including; throwing, jumping and running. Rivington won the overall trophy, but we were all happy to have taken part! 



We have had a wonderful time learning new skills and techniques about karate.