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Red Nose Day


On Friday 24th March we celebrate Red Nose Day. We dressed 'funny for money' and came to school wearing a mixture of clothes to make people laugh. We Raised lots of money through donating and buying cakes. We also told our own funny jokes!

Rainy Shape Hunt


We went on a shape hunt around the school to look for 2D and 3D shapes. We had a great time learning about the shapes in the environment, even though it was raining!

A Visit from Oral Health


We had a very special visit from Oral Health to teach us about how to keep our teeth clean and healthy. We really enjoyed our visit and had lots of fun!

World Book Day


On Thursday 2nd March we celebrated World Book Day. We dressed up in our Pyjamas and had a dream themed day. Mr Dryburgh shared his dream with us before we went on a dream hunt around school, collecting pictures to include in our own dreams. We then spent the rest of the day creating our own dream jars and writing our own dreams!

Antoni Gaudi


As part of our exploration of the artist Antoni Gaudi we have been preparing to make some real mosaic pieces by smashing the tiles that we are going to use. We knew that we had to wear safety goggles to stay safe!

The Lighthouse Keeper


We have been following the adventures of the Lighthouse Keeper and have explored lots of the stories written by Ronda and David Armitage. We created a Lighthouse Keeper role play by being creative; making our own lighthouses and recreating the stories in our play.