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Summer Term 1

This half term, the children are going to be developing their understanding in decimals; adding decimals, subtracting and multiplying decimals with whole numbers. They will also be looking at properties of shape and during that time will have a large focus on angles.

Spring Term 2


This term we are going to be having a large focus on fractions. The children will be looking at converting fractions, adding and subtracting fractions and also multiplying fractions. They will be completing a range of activities to develop their understanding and will then link this fraction knowledge to decimals and percentages.

Fraction Workshop

Equivalent fractions

Spring term 1


This term we are going to be looking at written methods of multiplication and division. The children will be developing their understanding of the grid method as well as other ways to multiply. They will also be looking at developing their understanding of the long division method for completing division questions.

We will also be starting to look at some aspects of fractions including addition and subtraction of fractions, equivalent fractions and also mixed fractions and improper fractions.




Short method of multiplication


This week we have been developing out understanding of the short method of multiplication. The children worked really hard and were able to complete word problems involving multiplication of four digit numbers.

Autumn Term 2

During this term we are going to be developing our knowledge of multiplication and division facts.

We are also going to be looking at area and perimeter of regular shapes and also irregular shapes.

Peer learning - Area



Factors, Common Factors and Prime Factors


we have been working on developing our knowledge of factors, common factors and prime factors. We have been having lots of fun completing factor pair bingo and creating QR codes with images and videos of us completing our common factor and prime factor work. Take a look below at some of our work.

Prime Factors

Still image for this video