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MONDAY PE - (Dance and basic skills) Mrs McGrail

During Monday PE sessions we will be working on basic PE skills and to improve our fitness. We will also be learning a dance.

TUESDAY PE - Striking and fielding (Cricket) Mrs McGrail

During a Tuesday we will be developing our striking and fielding skills. We will then be using these skills to play cricket.

TUESDAY PE - (Mrs McGrail)

In P.E on a Tuesday we are doing gymnastics. This term we will be using our previous knowledge to use apparatus in our gymnastic routines.

THURSDAY PE (Miss Wright)

In PE on a Thursday we are learning to play Dodgeball and Benchball. We will be developing our throwing and catching skills. We will also be using vocabulary such as attack and defend.


This half term we are creating and performing our own gymnastic routines.



This half term we will be learning how to play football. We have been learning to dribble and pass a ball to a team member. We have also been learning how to defend and attack.

THURSDAY PE  (with Miss Wright)


This half term we will be doing fitness and basic skills. Such as hurdles, ladders, bench work and skipping using a rope.