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Welcome to our PTFA!

Unfortunately we have had to remove our web page as it had been hacked so please bare with us. In the meantime we will update this page with any up and coming events.


Welcome to Blackrod Primary Schools PTFA Web Page 


We are a volunteer organisation dedicated to the Schools’ rich and diverse community, to the wellbeing of our children and, of course, to their education and pastoral care. We organise both fundraising events and enjoyable social functions for both parents and children. We are very enthusiastic about our efforts and keen to help the Schools offer the ‘added extras’.

This information has been written for you, as a family within our school community by the Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA). It aims to set out all the information you will need about our PTFA, which is a big part of our school life.

If after having read it and have any questions, please do get in touch with a member of the PTFA Committee.