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In our science lessons we have been learning all about Evolution, adaptation and inheritance. We have learnt a lot about evolution and how animals have evolved over time. We have also learnt about Darwin's theory of inheritance by using his work about the Galapagous Finches. We have learnt about how the birds adapted to different environments.

We are currently learning about inheritance. We have created our own Flanimals with different features. We then took features from two different flanimals and created their offspring.

Creating our Flanimals.

Our Flanimals Offspring which have characteristics of each parent.

Science Display

Science Display 1


We have started our new topic on Electricity. We spent part of our first lesson using different components to create a series circuit and a parallel circuit.

Classification Systems.

During the Spring Term we are learning how to classify plants and animals according to various characteristics. The broadest way to classify a plant is sorting them into Vascular and Non Vascular plants. Vascular plants have roots that take the nutrients to the stem and other parts of a plant.

In year 6 we are currently learning about micro organisms. We have been making posters about food hygiene and have been sorting where foods are best kept to keep them fresh and edible.