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How could we survive without electricity for one day?



This term our unit in Science is on electricity. We have created a leaflet on how to stay safe with electricity. We have also been on an electricity hunt around school to find appliances that run on mains electricity or by a battery. We have worked in a small group to create a circuit that uses a battery, wires and a bulb. Some of us even put a buzzer or a motor in our circuits too!

From chew to poo

(Animals, including humans)


During the Autumn term our topic is called from chew to poo. We will be learning all about the journey of food through the body.



So far we have created our own posters about how to have healthy teeth. We also made models of teeth. We made the three different types of teeth - molars, canines and incisors.



We created our own model of the digestive system to explore the journey of food through the human body. We were able to use scientific vocabulary such as mouth, stomach, oesophagus, large intestine, small intestine and anus.

We got very messy and had lots of fun during this Science lesson.



We have planned a fair test to see which drinks cause a lot of decay and damage to our teeth. We placed an egg in a jar filled with a different drink. We chose Diet Coke, orange and water. We then made a prediction to explain which drink would cause the most damage to our teeth. Most of us predicted that Diet Coke, would cause the most decay.

We are going to carry out daily observations to see if there are any changes to the eggs.