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Sunflower Club

The Sunflower Club is an after school club that runs in school once a week for ten weeks. The structure and routine of the club is designed to increase children’s confidence and help them to make friends and talk to each other whilst having fun and learning new skills. 

Clubs therefore are designed especially for children who are quiet or shy, or who find it difficult to make new friends, or who maybe missing outgenerally in the‘hustle and bustle’ of a busy classroom. Their initial purpose is not to ‘boost’performance or to provide remedial support although more self-confidence and a better academic performance can be linked.

Blackrod's Sunflower Club runs weekly for ten weeks for two hours. During club time the children have the opportunity to take part in craft and food preparation activities, circle time and team games. In the final week of club they have a celebration party.

They are staffed by two ‘club leaders’ who usually work in school as a paid member of staff or a volunteer. 


• The clubs is  intended to form nurture groups

Impact on young people
• Improved social skills
• Improved self confidence
• Improved confidence in the classroom 

• Improved friendship strategies

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