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Anything is possible, if you just believe

Aspiration Day

The children came into school dressed as what they would like to be when they are older. We had Doctors, Vets, Teachers, Police men/women and even palaeontologists and DJ's!

The children spent the day looking at careers they could have when they are older and also discussed our book of the week, Rosie Revere Engineer, and talked about not being successful the first time but we need to be determined and keep trying and never give up.  

Collage Picasso Portraits

The children have been working with Mrs Cooke, looking at Picasso and his portraits. The children have created their own portraits using collage and sketching. They are super! 


The children really enjoyed our book of the week 'Ish' by Peter J Reynolds. We discussed how Reymond felt when people laughed at his paintings and what we should do if we cant do something right the first time. We also talked about how we can make anything we like and it doesn't have to be perfect as long as we keep trying. 

The children loved making their own Ish paintings and drawings and even took their ideas into the forest to make Ish paintings there!