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Celebrating culture

Pancake Day 

In Picasso class, we looked at how we celebrate pancake day, and for most of us, it involved eating pancakes for breakfast or after tea. We discussed what we liked on our pancakes and most people loved chocolate pancakes! 

We then looked at how other people celebrate Pancake day and why we celebrate it. We found out that some people dress up and make pancakes, others have a race whilst holding a pancake in a pan and others have a pancake toss competition. 

We spent the day making some pancakes and experimenting in the messy tray, we drew some of our favourite toppings on some pancake pictures and we even ate some pancakes for snack!

Valentines Day 

The children enjoyed completing a range of activities to celebrate valentines day. They wrote letters to their family and friends, made valentines cards and we also discussed why we celebrate Valentines day. 

The children also enjoyed making hearts with number bonds to 10. 


Chinese new year

For Chinese New Year, we looked at how people around the world celebrate and the story behind the Chinese New Year. 

We were very lucky to have a Chinese Lion to visit us and perform a traditional dance for us. They then let us have a go at holding the Lions head. It was very heavy and made of willow.  


Writing Chinese numbers 

We looked at Chinese symbols and numbers, with some help from one of the children we were able to say 1-5 in Chinese. 

Learning Chinese numbers

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