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Curriculum Drivers


Curriculum Drivers

 Curriculum drivers are an important aspect of our curriculum design. They enhance the National Curriculum to support the current needs and personal development of the children at Blackrod Primary School. They address current gaps in knowledge, skills and topical issues which we believe will give our children the best attributes to achieve.



We want our children to have an understanding of the changing world in relation to climate change, human impact and topical issues such as plastic tide.


Community and Citizenship


We want our children to develop an understanding of issues relating to democracy, human rights, identity and diversity from a range of perspectives.  We want our children to learn to form their own opinions, speak out and take action on issues important to them. We want our children to have an understanding of communal, cultural and historical heritage.  We want our to develop sustained community links with people, organisations and businesses in Blackrod.




We want our children to be well informed on a wide range of career  prospects and for them to aspire to both local, national and international opportunities. We want our children to recognise modern job roles as valid careers and develop the skills and knowledge needed to achieve their goals e.g. creative industries.