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Delivery Model

Delivery Model

Phase Curriculum Framework

This indicates what needs to be covered in each term. Our framework is designed to ensure quality coverage of all areas of learning and makes sure areas are revisited and embedded into our children’s learning within a range of opportunities. This includes the National Curriculum’s statutory requirements and our school’s progression of cultural capital as part of our personal development framework. This is used by the phase teams to create a curriculum map for each term designed around our school drivers and learning theme. 

Termly Project Maps

These are created by the phase team to encapsulate a broad/flexible learning theme. They include our school drivers, personal development and map out the cross-curricular projects. Plans are shared with the whole school on the curriculum board in the staff room, staff contribute and share ideas to enhance the opportunities for the children. Curriculum leaders in their curriculum teams, quality assure the project maps. These are revisited and revised half termly and shared with the parents via the class webpages. 


Project Planning (Foundation Subjects and Science)

These are weekly cross curricular plans which enable the children to learn from a range of activities which build on their learning and develop transferable skills. Project planning is carried out as a team approach and developed, shared and adapted between classes in the same phase.


Weekly Overviews/Planning timetables (Core and stand-alone subjects)

Using the Key Stage Curriculum Framework, lessons plans for core/stand-alone subjects for each class are saved onto an overview timetable, this is shared by the teaching staff for that class. This enables continuity between the class team. A brief description of the project planning for each session will also be added.