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Earthly Senses

We have been discovering light sources and discussing if they are natural or man made sources. From this we investigated how the work of Thomas Edison and the lightbulb changed light sources as we know them. Alongside this project we also looked at how we see and really enjoyed tracking the light path from the source to our eyes with the pink string.
This half term we are exploring sound and how we our ears enable us to hear. We conducted a sound walk and created soundscapes for our school environment. We also began to investigate how vibrations travel, we especially enjoyed trying out different ways to make vibrations that can make small grains of rice move and seeing how the vibrations travel down a taut string. It was great to share this learning with our friends in KS1.
We learnt about why November 5th is an important day and investigated Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. We also discussed how to stay safe on bonfire night and created our own fireworks pictures using pastels and chalk.

With Mrs Ansari, we have been looking at how simple electrical circuits work and investigating what happens if the circuit breaks. We have also investigated static electricity and the effect it has on hair and water.

We had a fantastic time rehearsing and performing our Winter Production. The children were fabulous and all gave 100%.