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Escape from Pompeii

We have described what Pompeii would look like before the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. We used words and phrases from the text and then drew our picture using those words and phrases. 


We have looked at the features of a newspaper. 

During our Stone Age project we read the Stone Age Boy. We acted out the story. Some of us used freeze frames and some performed the story. 


We created a conversation between Om and the boy. 


We then created our own information texts. We used the book to help us - while researching in non-fiction books too. 


We have really enjoyed this story. 

We read the Ice Palace and loved this book. 

The Ice Palace is set in a really cold place. We used the book to help us describe a cold place and what animals we may find there. 


We chose scenes out of the book to freeze frame. We then used this pictures to help us re tell the story. 

We have created diary entries on what we did over the weekend. We remembered that we had to write in first person and use Dear Diary.