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Summer Term

Updates of the week will be added every Friday. This will replace paper copies being sent home


The children have had an amazing past few weeks. The Healthy Me, Healthy Planet week last week was amazing, with all the children experiencing a variety of activities. As we come to our final two weeks in school, the children will experience their new class and teachers. Reading books will be collected in this week and diaries will be sent home for you to keep. Please remember to bring your sponsor money into school this week.

Dues to the developments in delivering an enhanced curriculum, as of September, KS1 will no longer be using Tapestry. We are currently researching alternative systems that will be fit for purpose. Until then please check your class pages and twitter feed.

You can download your child’s learning journal from Tapestry as a PDF file.

Many thanks,

Mrs Chadwick



Wow! I am sure that after our very busy week your children will definitely sleep tonight. They have worked hard with their tests this week. Alongside this, we had an amazing Science day, exploring shadows and bubbles. The children have loved learning about Andy Goldsworthy, creating some fantastic land art in the forest area. They have also been designing puppets for our puppet show.

If reading books have not been changed this week, they will be done early on next week.

Have a fantastic week and enjoy the sunshine.

Mrs Chadwick



As always, a super busy week, with the children completing their phonics screening. Results of the screen will be sent home with your summer term report. Next week it is test week in school. As with previous occasions the children will be taken out of class in small groups to complete the assessments (quizzes).

In class this week we have continued our writing on beach safety. We have also been revising lots of the grammar we have be taught over the year and applying it to our work: verbs, adjectives and nouns. Children have also been writing sentences using question marks, exclamation marks and full stops.

There is no set homework for the weekend. If you wish to do any work at home you can look at number bonds to 20 and the above grammar skills.

Happy Friday!

Mrs Chadwick



We thoroughly enjoyed our visit from History Alive on Thursday. We learnt about holidays from the past and watched a very entertaining Punch and Judy show. In maths we are looking at halving and doubling numbers, alongside number facts to twenty. This week we have looked at beach safety and designed safety posters. We have been looking at summer colours in art. We had a visit from actiphons today, looking at phase 5 sounds, au and aw.

Next week is the phonics screening. Each child will be taken out on a 1:1 to complete the screening. This is something they are used to and have been doing throughout the year. Please can you have a look at the phase 4 and phase 5 activities over the weekend. These can be found in the phonics folder. There are also old screening assessments at the bottom of the class page you can look at with your child.

On a separate note, we are setting a puppet theatre up in class and children will be making their own puppets. If you have any old socks please can you bring them into school for us to use.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Chadwick



This week we have looked at healthy and unhealthy foods. We have been tasting lots of different vegetable before making our own healthy sandwich. In maths we have looked at time and number bonds within 20. As part of our Coast to Coast topic we have stated to look at Grace Darling and the amazing legacy she has left.


Please continue to use the online resources, additional reading activities have been set up on Cracking Comprehension.

We are only a few weeks away from the Phonics screening (12th June) so please continue to use the resources on the class webpage at home with your child.

Three Peaks Challenge

On Saturday 15th June, Miss Sewart, Miss Parker and two parents from Da Vinci Class will be completing the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge to raise funds for the Amazing Zen Garden at School. If you would like to support this very worthy cause, which will support all children in school, there are sponsor forms in the office and it will soon be put on Parent Pay.



This week we have been planting seeds in science and we are looking forward to watching them grow over the next few weeks. We have been looking at lighthouses around the United Kingdom and labelling different parts of  a lighthouse. In maths we have been presenting our work beautifully in our maths books, when writing our 2 x tables.


Please continue to use the phonics resources under the phonics section and the phonics screening materials in preparation for the Phonics screening in June.

Online Homework, please click on the links on the class webpage to access online resources and complete weekly activities that have been set:

-Cracking comprehension reading task (Purple Mash password)

-Spelling shed (use Purple Mash password and put your child's initials at the start of the password)

-Times Tables rock stars (Purple Mash password)

Have a lovely weekend.


Another industrious week. We have been looking at the wonderful language from the Lighthouse Keeper's lunch stories and using them in our writing. In maths we have continued looking at multiplication and division, using our knowledge of counting in 2's, 5's and 10's. We have also been learning about instructions and we have been giving each other instructions when making  a jam sandwich. Next week we plan to design and  make a disgusting sandwich for the seagulls from the Lighthouse Keeper's lunch story (they will not be eating these ones though!)


Please continue to use the phonics resources under the phonics section and the phonics screening materials in preparation for the Phonics screening in June.

Online Homework, please click on the links on the class webpage to access online resources and complete weekly activities that have been set:

-Cracking comprehension reading task (Purple Mash password)

-Spelling shed (use Purple Mash password and put your child's initials at the start of the password)

-Times Tables rock stars (Purple Mash password)



Welcome back! The children have settled into the summer term well and we are already on with our new topic 'Coast to Coast'. This week we have started looking at the seas surrounding the United Kingdom, seaside towns and lighthouses. We have been reading the Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch and creating a story board in the style of a comic strip. This term we are focusing on all spellings from the Year 1 lists, encouraging children to spell them correctly in their written work. In maths, we have been using number lines to count in jumps of 2, 5 and 10 on a number line. Next week we will link this to multiplications.


Reading and phonics screening practice at home to develop fluency and understanding of the text read.

Online Homework, please click on the links on the class webpage to access online resources and complete weekly activities that have been set:

-Cracking comprehension reading task (Purple Mash password)

-Spelling shed (use Purple Mash password and put your child's initials at the start of the password)

-Times Tables rock stars (Purple Mash password)


We have loved looking at tapestry this week, please continue to add evidence of home learning. Have a lovely weekend.




Following parents' evening a number of parents have asked for passwords to be clarified for the new online resources: cracking comprehension, times table rockstars, spelling shed. An additional letter containing this information will be sent home with your child.

Children have loved writing diaries about the Great fire of London. In maths we have completed work on measure and reinforcing addition and subtraction facts.



The weeks are flying by, we can not believe we are already in spring. This week  we have done lots of reading activities linked to cracking comprehension, developing our skills in answering questions about a text. The children have continued their writing about The Great Fire of London and we are moving on to writing a diary of events that happened. In maths we have been busy making estimations about length and measuring using a variety of non-standard measures.

This links to the following online sites can be found at the bottom of the class page:

Cracking comprehension - additional activities have been set to be completed over the next two weeks.

Times table rock stars - additional activities are added on a weekly basis for you to practise at home.

Spelling shed - activities will be added next Friday to spelling shed, linked to Year 1 key words.

Next week the children will be having a phonics screening assessment, based on Phase 3, 4 and 5 sounds/words. Please have a look at previous phonics screens at the bottom of this page and under the phonics section.

Many thanks,

Mrs Chadwick




The past two weeks we have continued our work about The Great Fire of London. Children have been assessed on their reading, writing and maths. This has been done in a variety of ways. In science children have been designing waterproof coats for Paddington Bear. Miss Millington, who has been on maternity leave will now be teaching Milhazes on a Tuesday afternoon, alongside Miss Merga. Mrs Thagia will continue to teach on a Wednesday afternoon, with Miss Merga.

Cracking Comprehension: Additional reading activities have been set up to be completed over the next two weeks.

Times Tables Rockstars: A variety of weekly activities have been set up for children to use at home. Log in by clicking on the link on the bottom of the class page. The log in is the same as purple mash. Children start off with x10 and then gradually progress to x2 and x5, followed by a mixture of all three.

Spelling Shed: The link for spelling shed can be found at the bottom of the class page. A letter regarding logging in has been sent home with your child this week. We are teaching the children to use this new resources next week and then I will add additional activities for you to do at home.

Finally, reading books will be changed on Monday if they have not been changed this week, due to test week.

Many thanks,

Mrs Chadwick




This week we have been doing lots of practical maths, learning about 3D shapes: cylinder, cone, cube, pyramid and cuboid. Also we have been looking at numbers to 50, ordering them by size, writing them correctly and representing numbers using lots of practical equipment. The London topic will continue this half term with children comparing London and Blackrod. This week we have been historians, learning about the Great Fire of London; sequencing events, creating collage displays and drawing the houses.

Homework: Continue with daily reading, spring spellings and number facts, practise reading phonics screening words, which are under phonics and at the bottom of the class web page. Please post your home learning onto tapestry.

Enjoy your weekend.

Mrs Chadwick



Another busy week, with links to Valentine's Day. The children have been mastering their learning with subtraction. The children have been developing their skills with cracking comprehension. At the bottom of the class page there is a link to cracking comprehension that the children can access at home. Their password is the same as purple mash. They are more than welcome to complete any activities they have not yet completed, however you do not need to do this.

Have a lovely half term break.



Happy weekend. We have been busy with our sentence structure and letter formation this week. Children have been applying their knowledge of adjectives and nouns to describe Paddington bear and write lists, to show what items (nouns) Paddington may have in his suitcase. In Maths we have continued with addition, subtraction and writing numbers to 100. Children have also been learning about The Fire of London in History.

Homework: to read the alien and real words from last week, practise previous phonics screening samples and spell the key words for spring term (we will assess these next week).

NB: Key words for spring term can be found in the home-school diary and phonics screening samples can be found at the bottom of the class page and within the phonics section of the class webpage.

Many thanks,

Mrs Chadwick



We have had a very busy week and have even had an opportunity to play in the snow. Children have continued work on London, The Queen's Knickers and we have focused on number bonds to ten and twenty in maths. Many thanks for everyone who turned out for the Phonics meeting last night. Today we have sent home some real words and alien words for the children to read at home. As discussed last night children can draw sound buttons on them. These do not need returning to school. There are no spellings for this week.

Have a lovely weekend.


This week we have continued learning about London, looking at famous landmarks. The children have enjoyed being London bus tour guides and today they went on a journey down the River Thames. They have been applying the sentence starters that they were given last week into their written work. In maths we have been looking at addition and number facts to ten and twenty. I have added some photographs from our maths working wall to show you some examples, so you can practise them at home. The photographs are in the maths section of the class web page. Please post any home-learning onto Tapestry.

Spellings for this coming week have been sent home on the usual spelling list.

REMINDER: Year 1 Phonics Parents' meeting, Thursday 31st  6.00-6.45pm

Enjoy your weekend,

Mrs Chadwick




Many thanks for the wonderful London models, books, posters and amazing designs you have brought in for our London topic. We are in the process of creating an exhibition to show case them all. The children are enjoying the topic and have loved linking London to our writing. This week we have been writing letters to the queen and asking her questions. We hope she will write back. We have been using different sentence starters in our written work. In maths we have been using lots of practical resources and number lines to add and subtract numbers.


Homework: List of spellings that the children have been using in class this week: first, next, then, after that, finally.

A good way to practise the spellings is to write them in a sentence. We would love to see some amazing sentences on tapestry.


Have a lovely weekend, the children are hoping for snow.


Mrs Chadwick



Happy New Year and welcome back. The children have settled in really well to their new routines, as life in Year 1 becomes slightly more formal this term. We have loved looking at the work on London that you have been doing at home and we will continue to look at this next week.

Tapestry will become more visible this term and we  would love to see any posts from home linked to achievements outside school. Please have a look at the learning jigsaw for this term on our class webpage. Additional information has been added to the web page, especially under phonics.

From next week, home learning will slightly increase, with challenges being set for the week ahead. Spellings have been sent home today on the spelling grid. Children will have a quiz on these every Friday, these will be made up key words for spring term and a few spellings from the sounds covered that week in phonics sessions.

We are very happy to send home new reading books that have been bought from PTFA  funds. I am sure you will agree that these are lovely books for your children to read. Please continue to write a comment in your child's diary to let us know how they are getting on at home. We are aiming for children to move through the bands as soon as they are able. We will continue to monitor reading levels in school, however if you feel the books are either too easy or difficult please let us know.

Have  a lovely weekend, your children have been a delight to teach this week and we are looking forward to an amazing term.

Mrs Chadwick


What a fantastic week! We had a super breakfast with Santa. Many thanks to Miss Merga and Miss Parker, alongside all of the amazing PTFA for your help. Without this support these magical events would not happen. The Christmas party was great fun and again a HUGE thank you to Miss Parr for being our DJ and the PTFA for helping Father Christmas with the presents. We finished the week with a whole school Christmas workout and then with songs from our Christmas plays.

Your children have been such a delight to teach this term and we look forward to the spring term when we move our topic to London.

Reading books have been changed today. Also, additional resources have been put on the class web page for phonics if you wish to look at any of these in you 'spare time' - we will be using some of these resources throughout the spring term.

Many thanks for the generous gifts and kind wishes. We wish you and your family a very blessed Christmas and a wonderful 2019.

Mrs Chadwick and Team Milhazes x



We are super proud of all the children this week; performing in their Christmas production. In English we have started to read the Jolly Christmas Postman. We have been looking at key words and phrases from the story and their meanings. The children have been ordering and re-telling the story. In Maths we have been looking at the properties and 2D and 3D shapes, sorting shapes by given criteria, for example, the number of sides, corners, curved sides, straight sides.

We have also been highlighting key words that the children can read and spell for autumn term. Also, we have been looking at number stories with children and rewarding stickers in the home-school dairy.

PE bags have been sent home today. Please check your child's trainers that they are the correct size. If you do purchase new trainers for January please can you ensure they are Velcro, as laces do cause a problem in PE with younger children.

Homework for this week is to continue practising the number stories in your child's home school diary.  These are end of Year 1 expectations so we do not expect your child to know all of them yet.

Have a lovey weekend.

Mrs Chadwick





English - we have completed some wonderful thank you letters this week based around our Oliver Jeffers book.


Maths - we have continued with subtraction and we have started to look at shapes.


There are no spelling this week but we would love you to practice your computing skills by exploring Purple Mash.


Have a super weekend.


The Milhazes Team


We had another great week and we have all made our teachers super proud. Well done Milhazes.


English – We have been exploring the story The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers


Maths - we have been working on subtraction.


This week’s spellings are: a, Thursday, Sunday, has and were.


Have a lovely weekend,


The Milhazes Team


We are loving our Great Explorer topic and enjoyed Mr Bean the astronaut coming to visit us.  We have worked hard with Miss Parr with our computing skills and developing an awareness of internet safety.


No  spellings this week.


Have a great weekend.

 The Milhazes Team


We are enjoying our new topic ‘Great Explorers’ and learned about Neil Armstrong. In english have had great fun looking adjectives that describe aliens. We've had an amazing day today and  we all looked fabulous in our spotty Children In Need outfits.


Year 1 spellings - do, a Tuesday, once, Saturday


Have a wonderful weekend.


The Milhazes Team



What an amazing week! We have celebrated Bonfire Night and we had an amazing day on Wednesday celebrating Divali. We have completed the week by continuing our work on Remembrance, with the children reciting a poem in assembly and then writing their own version of the poem in their books, alongside some amazing art work.

This week we have looked closely on letter formation, concentrating on holding our pencil correctly and forming lower case letters from the line. I have included a sheet to practise at home alongside spellings for this week.


-Reading at home, I have also sent the Poppy Poem home that we have learnt this week for you to keep.

-Spellings: of, was, Monday, Tuesday, once, are

-Handwriting sheet

Parents' Evening - advance notice

Due to unforeseen circumstances I have to change Parents' Evening for Milhazes.  A letter will go out to all parents shortly, but in the meantime the change of dates will be:

Monday 3rd December - 3.00-6.00pm


Wednesday 5th December - 5.15-6.30pm

Ideally, if parents of siblings could attend the Wednesday slots and the remaining parents attend the Monday slots. Any problems please come and speak with me.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Chadwick





The children have got off to a fabulous start and they were highly commended on the trip to House of Raj and the temple on Thursday, with the organisation tweeting how the children were well mannered and a credit to the school - well done Mihazes.


We have been looking at letter and number formation this week, with children checking they are sitting and holding their pencils correctly. We have continued our work on noun phrases, writing Remembrance Day poems, for example, brave soldier, dark sky, loud bang, shiny medal. We will continue with work on Remembrance next week as we produce a special display for the hall.


Polite reminder that PE kits should be in School every day. If your child does a sports club after school a spare change of clothes for that session would be easier. Also, please ensure that the school reading bag is used, as we do not have space in the classroom for larger rucksack style bags.


Spellings: We have sent home a sheet to practise spellings on at home, this does not need returning to school. Please reinforce spellings by writing simple sentences using the words in your handwriting books. We are still on autumn term spellings and we will continue to rotate these over the next six weeks, repeating previous ones.


Have  a lovely Bonfire weekend, we have discussed safety with the children during assembly times.

Many thanks,


Mrs Chadwick



Thank you for the autumn treasure, we have loved exploring all of the natural materials. This week we have been looking at nouns and adjectives and writing autumn poems, for example: red squirrel, golden leaves, orange pumpkin, brown hedgehog.

In maths, children have been adding and subtracting. More information regarding maths strategies have been included in the maths section of the class page.

Forest School

The last Forest School session will be on Tuesday 30th October. Please remember to bring a change of suitable clothes.

There has been no homework set over the half-term holiday. Have a lovely time and we look forward to next half term and the run up to Christmas.


I have sent home a paper version this week to sure everyone receives the information. Please remember to check the class webpage for weekly newsletters through the home-learning link.

Forest School – there will be no Forest School this Tuesday to the community open day. Children will have their final forest school session for this term the first Tuesday back after half term (30th Oct).

Spellings – we will be highlighting spellings off in reading diaries next week. We will only be looking at the spellings they have been asked to learn at home so far. For next week please revise these spellings. I am not sending home any additional words this week.

Autumn Walk – Next week we will be looking at autumn. If you are out and about this weekend please could you collect signs of autumn and bring them into school.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Chadwick




English - This week we have read The Tiger Child story. Children have been introduced to 'talk for writing' which is a way of remembering a story through a sequence of actions and pictures.

Maths - We have been looking at different ways of making ten using the ten frames. Have a look on twitter for photographs.

Challenge Curriculum - Children are continuing their work on India. They have been looking at the differences between England and India.

Forest School - We are loving being outside in the forest and the children have been developing some amazing independent skills. Please remember clothes for this Tuesday.

PE is on a Monday and Friday. PE kits should stay in school at all times. We will send them home for washing at half term. Children need an outdoor tracksuit (plain dark colours) and trainers.

Spellings - Spellings will be given out each week for you to learn at home. Some parents have been asking about their scores and how their child did. Although we do a quiz each Friday, we will only be assessing children for their spellings during the last week of each half term. If a child knows a spelling one week they will still need to practise spellings from the previous weeks. When we highlight the spellings in your child's reading diary we will be looking at spellings they can remember over time. Throughout the year bronze, silver and gold certificates will be awarded for spelling.I have been asked about ways you can support your child at home with spellings. Over the next few weeks I will give you either an activity or game to try at home. Hopefully this will add variation and make it more fun. This week I would like you to try the 'look, say, cover, say, write check approach.' This is a multi-sensory way to teaching spellings:

1. Adult to write spellings onto paper or post it notes (cursive) - one word per piece of paper

2. Ask your child to look at the word and say the word

3. Then cover the word or turn it over.

4. Ask your child to say the word again

5. Next ask them to write it down.

6. Finally ask them to uncover the word and check it


Spellings for this week are:






Hope this helps, have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Chadwick



English - This week we have been re-telling stories through writing sentences. We have looked at Phase 2/3/4 sounds and developed correct letter formation.

Maths - We have been reasoning with numbers and looking at missing numbers.

Children are really enjoying the forest school, showing exemplary behaviour. Please have a look at the class webpage for photographs.

This week's spellings are: (quiz next Friday)







I have enclosed a copy for you to practise at home. You do not need to return this.

Thank you for your support.




English - This week we have been reading the Tiger who came to Tea and writing adjectives to describe the tiger.


Maths - We have been partitioning 2 digit numbers and looking at place value to 20.


It was lovely to see so many parents last night, as mentioned through the home-learning grid spellings will be coming home weekly. This week's spellings are on handwriting paper, please help your child to copy the correct letter formation and size. You do not need to return this sheet.


Reading and library books will start to be changed from next week onwards.


This weeks spellings are: (We will be having a quiz on these next Friday)









Included for this week are the numbers 2-9, this is to help with number formation.


Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Chadwick and the Milhazes team



We have had a wonderful week and the children are settling into class well and I have loved getting to know them all.

This week we have acted out our ‘Walking in the Jungle’ story perfectly, using lots of expression and actions. Children have been writing sentences using capital letters and full stops correctly. We have also started looking at number and place value to 20, representing numbers in a variety of different ways.

We are holding a meet the teacher evening to discuss life in Milhazes on the 20th September at 6.00pm. This will last for 40 minutes.


We will continue to use Tapestry and this will be set up over the next few weeks.


PE is on a Monday and Friday. PE kits should remain in school and will be sent home half termly for washing. Please note that children need a pair of trainers for all PE sessions.

Forest School

We will be getting mucky so they can bring a change of clothes on a Tuesday, they will need trousers and a long sleeve top, with wellies or sturdy footwear such as walking boots, along with a waterproof coat. Please do not go to any expense, if you have any problem with any of the clothing please come to see me at the end of the day. Clothes will be sent home that day as we do not have space to keep them in the classroom and they will need washing.

We have decided to keep wellies in class, so from next week we will not send the wellies home. Children will also be coming home wearing their forest school clothes, as this allows us to have more time in the forest.

National Dot Day

On Monday we are having an art themed day to celebrate national dot day. Our class focus is happy. Please can children bring into school on Monday an object/picture that makes them feel happy.

I look forward to meeting you next week at meet the teacher.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Chadwick and the Year 1 team.