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Mackintosh Update 5th July 2019


Healthy You, Healthy Me, Healthy Planet week has been a great success and all of the children have enjoyed the activities provided, the colour run was a huge success, fun was definitely had by all!


Thank you to everyone who supported us at Sports Day, the Mackintosh Class were amazing and we hope they have enjoyed their final sports day at Blackrod Primary School.


See Twitter for the updates and photographs.


Our children have all been to visit their new secondary schools this week, it is an exciting time for them and they have all been enthusiastic about moving into Year 7.


Next Week:

Blackpool Trip - Wednesday 10th July (Final arrangements will be sent out on Monday)

The Y6 Prom - Friday 12th July


Thank you for your continued support smiley


Have a great weekend


Mrs Mead and the Mackintosh Team

Mackintosh Update 28th June 2019


We have worked really hard on our writing portfolios this week and the children have been brilliant., we are incredibly proud of their efforts.


Tonight is the Mackintosh Festival, a start to the celebration season for our Year 6 children - follow us on twitter for updates and photographs


Events for next week


Healthy You, Healthy Me, Healthy Planet week - Sports wear all week

Sports Day - Tuesday 2nd July 1.00pm

Transition Visits to secondary schools (Albany, St Joseph's and Westhoughton)


Have a great weekend


Mrs Mead and The Mackintosh Team


Mackintosh Update 24th May 2019


We have had a great week in Mackintosh class writing spooky stories and studying our class artist 'Mackintosh'


Home Learning Due: Tuesday 4th June 2019


Please research an inspirational person, try to find out as much information about them as you can but make sure you understand the information you use - don't copy paragraphs straight from the internet, make sure they make sense.

Please bring a paper copy of your research to school


After the holidays we will be writing biographies so this information will be used to support your work.


Due to staff training, Rounders club will be cancelled on the first Monday back after half term (3.06.19)


Have a fantastic and well deserved half term holiday


From Mrs Mead and The Mackintosh Team

Mackintosh Update 17th May 2019


Mackintosh class have been amazing this week; determined, hard working, totally amazing!

We had a great day today running the inflatable challenge and have been really successful in raising money towards the end of year celebrations.


On Monday, we will be having an end-of-SATS party. We would like children to bring an item of party food: biscuits, sweets, crisps, cakes etc. (No nuts please)



Have a great weekend and a well deserved chill out!


Mrs Mead and The Mackintosh Team


Mackintosh Update 3.5.19


A really busy week in Mackintosh Class, the children really enjoyed their fitness session with the coaches from Tricky's Gym (See Twitter for the photographs)


Home Learning

Remember to watch the teaching video before you complete the task

Online learning tasks (Approximately 10-15 minutes)



Noun Phrases

Main and subordinate clauses



Negative numbers

Multiples and factors


Fraction, decimal equivalents


If children have already completed these independently, they can choose other tasks instead.


Have a good weekend


Mrs Mead and The Mackintosh Team




Mackintosh Home Learning 23rd April 2019


There will be short tasks on 'Achieve SATS Success' set each day to support children in recapping previous learning. 


The computer suite is available during during morning session and at lunchtime if children prefer to complete the tasks at school. Mrs Mead is available to support children during these sessions. 


Please read the guidance 'Revision Tasks' attached below to access the online learning.


Tuesday Tasks: Area by Formula and Perimeter

*Challenge Task (optional) Properties if 2D shapes 

How to access 'Achieve SATS Success' online learning tasks

Mackintosh Update

Please read below for our class updates, home learning and general reminders

Happy Easter Mackintosh Class


Well done to all of the children who entered the Creative Easter Egg competition, the ideas were absolutely amazing, I am in awe!


The instructions for Home Learning are attached below.


The computer suite will be open 9.30am-11.30am Tuesday 9th April and Tuesday 16th April for any children who wish to use the computers to work on the programmes.

Treats will be provided.


Have a great Easter break


Mrs Mead and The Mackintosh Team

Mackintosh Class Revision Tasks

15th March 2019 Update


Mackintosh have had a very busy week completing termly assessments, bikeability and taking part in Comic Relief fund raising.


Despite the blustery weather, the class took part in Day 2 of the bikeability course and all had a great time. Congratulations to all of the children in their class for completing their training.


The Comic Relief assembly took place this morning with Mr Dryburgh's famous 'audience participation' story, everyone had a fantastic time. The class have taken part in discussions about the valuable work the charity does in the UK and overseas. Thank you to all of the families who have supported the charity by making a donation.


Home Learning for Thursday 21st March


Green Maths Book Pg 32 & 33

Blue Maths Book Pg 17 & 18

Reading Comprehension Pg 2 & 3


The children have been enjoying the online games for Times Table Rock Stars and Spelling Shed, the morning sessions are becoming very popular!


Have a great weekend

Mrs Mead and The Mackintosh Team


12th March Update


Bikeability rescheduled date: Friday 15th March 2019


Weather permitting, bikeability day 2 will go ahead on Friday.


There is an additional bonus day booked for July which we will inform you about nearer to the time.


The session runs from 10am so Mackintosh class will be able to take part on the school Comic Relief assembly as well as some activities when they return from cycling in the afternoon.


Children can still wear red, funny clothes, paint their faces etc to support Comic Relief. I have suggested to the children that they bring spare trousers to swap into if they are wearing any fancy dress as well as a full change of clothes (or two!) in case they get wet throughout the day.


If children hired bikes, they will be brought to school this week for the children to use again.


Kind Regards


Mrs Mead

5th March 2019

Bikeability Final Reminder


Bikeability will take begin tomorrow (Weds) and run for two days.


The children need to arrive at school wearing warm suitable clothing for outdoor activities.

The sessions will take place in all weathers so we advise children to be wrapped up warm and to bring a full change of clothing each day in case it rains.

Children will park their bikes outside of school, if they wish to leave their bike at school overnight, the children will need to put their bikes in the quad at the end of the day.



Mackintosh Dodgeball sessions begin tomorrow (Weds)

It is World Book Day on Friday - Fancy dress


We are looking forward to an energetic two days


Kind Regards


Mrs Mead

1st March 2019

A good first week back and the children have been really working hard.

We have had some disruption to lessons due to children not having their home learning books in school for the review and feedback sessions, please try to encourage children to keep them in their bags everyday.


Well done to all of the children who have made it into school for the 'Spelling shed/Rock stars' morning sessions, it is great to see so many children enthusiastic about their online learning.


Mackintosh Letters home this week:

Booster club Mon/Tues

Free dodgeball fun sessions Weds



Group 2 Yoga on Thursday

Bikeability Wednesday and Thursday - warm clothing, gloves, bike and helmet

World Book Day on Friday


Home Learning for Friday 8th March

Continue with TT Rock Stars and Spelling Shed

Spellings for this week are 'ough' and silent letters

Reading Comprehension Book Pg 9 'Hostages to handheld devices'

Maths Arithmetic Book PG 9, 13, 15 and 29


Children receive feedback and support with home learning the following week


Many Thanks


Mrs Mead and the Mackintosh Team



15th February


A lovely week in Mackintosh class, the children have all worked so hard and should all feel very proud of themselves.


This week, we started to investigate our class artist, Mackintosh, as an architect. The children produced some fantastic pieces of sketch book work based on his designs (see Twitter)

In Challenge Curriculum, we explored the vocabulary of maps, presenting our findings in our own style, some children may be quizzing you at home to see if you can explain the lines of meridian or what hemispheres are!


Mackintosh class need to take time to rest and relax over the half term so home learning tasks are only due in at the end of the first week back.


Have a great half term break


Thank you for your continued support


Mrs Mead and The Mackintosh Team


Home Learning

Due Friday 1st March
Spelling Shed – Y3/4 Spelling practise

Cracking Comprehension – Football Report and Hitlers Canary

Times Table Rock Stars

Grammar Book Pg 6 Pronouns (if not already completed)

Geometry Maths Book Pg 30 Perimeter and Area

Arithmetic Maths Book Pg 8 X 10, 100, 1000


1st February 2019


It has been a chilly week at BPS and we have all enjoyed the opportunity to go out play in the snow, there are some lovely photographs on the BPS twitter.


Throughout the week, the children have completed some interim assessments and we are pleased with the progress they have made, they should feel very proud and keep up the hard work and determination.

Thank you to all of the parents who attended the Mackintosh Parent's SATS information evening, it was great to see such a turn out on a very cold wintery evening. We hope you found it useful and please don't hesitate to contact school if you have any questions at all.


The children have completed Week 2 of their Yoga course, Mrs Bradley commended the children on their super attitude during the session and has been very impressed by their maturity and engagement in the sessions, it is amazing to see them enjoy Yoga and be able to completely relax at the end.


Home Learning - To be completed by Friday 8th January

'remember little and often'


Reading 3 x 40 minutes sustained reading and diary signed by an adult

Times Table Rock Stars - Tasks have been set for completion

Cracking Comprehension - Check Year 5&6 for set tasks

Spelling List 10 'Ough' word pattern

Reading Comprehension Book ' Born on a blue day'


Thank you for your continued support

Mrs Mead and the Mackintosh Team



25th January 2018


A very busy week in Mackintosh class, the children have worked hard and enjoying their learning.


Last week we asked all children to write their home learning in their Home/School Diaries, we are working towards them being independent and taking responsibility for their homework as it will be expected of them when they move to Year 7. Please support your child by encouraging them to check their own diary and be responsible for returning tasks on time. We review these tasks in class and identify where children may need some support so it is essential that they have their work with them for those sessions.


The children have been presenting their Mayans Home Learning tasks this week, it has been amazing to see all of the different ways the children have chosen to represent the task.

Well done Mackintosh Class!


This week Yoga has started in Year 6, the group were very chilled!


Home Learning


Spelling List 8 & 9  - REPEATED

Reading 3x 30 minutes sustained reading

Punctuation book pages: 4, 5,6,7

Arithmetic book pages: 28/29 multiplying and dividing by 10, 100, 1000 *Remember the digits jump but the decimal point NEVER MOVES!!!!


Thank you for your continued support


Mrs Mead and the Mackintosh Team





Happy New Year from Mackintosh Class


We have had a great start to 2019 and the class have returned to school full of energy and enthusiasm!


Letters sent home this week:


Y6 Booster Class - Starts Monday 3.30-4.30pm

Spring Term extra curricular clubs



Home Learning


Cracking Comprehension - Complete tasks set in the Y5 texts

Sustained reading for 30-45 minutes at least 3 x per week (Diary to be signed)

Grammar - Synonyms and Antonyms section (Pg 58-59)

Spelling - List 8

To be completed by Friday 18th January


Some children have found fraction/decimal/percentage equivalents tricky this week. It is incredibly beneficial to them to know the 'FDP equivalents' in the home learning diaries off by heart (This was a set task for home learning last term)

There will be an assessment on Wednesday 16th January.


Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at school


Many Thanks


The Mackintosh Team


Merry Christmas from Mackintosh Class


We have had a busy festive few weeks and I think all of the children are looking forward to a well deserved break.


The Brick charity came to collect the donations this week and asked us to pass on their thanks to everybody who kindly donated. Mackintosh Class did a brilliant job in promoting the cause around school and should feel proud of their achievements.


The class party was a brilliant and everybody was suitably noisy, energetic and very much embracing the festive spirit! Thank you to the PTFA for the Christmas gifts.


Breakfast with Santa was a great success and we would like to thank Miss Merga and Miss Parker who worked tirelessly in their own time to organise and prepare the event and also to the members of the PTFA who kindly volunteered to support the sessions.


We would like to say a huge thank you to all of the people who have helped to make this years festive term such an enjoyable one.


Our after school booster sessions will begin on the second Monday back, 3.30-4.30pm, a letter will be sent out in the first week.


Finally, many thanks to you all for the lovely cards and gifts we have received and for your continued support this year.


Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year - See You in 2019!


Mrs Mead, Mrs Ansari, Mrs Thagia, Miss Wright, Miss Parr, Mrs Cooke and Mr Rutherford.


Home Learning


Enjoy being with your friends and family

Have fun

Read for at least 30 minutes 3x per week and have diary signed by an adult

14th December


What an amazing week! We hope you all enjoyed the performance 'Aladdin Trouble' as much as the children have enjoyed performing it. The children were fantastic and we are incredibly proud of them all.


The fabulous new reading books arrived in class this week and the children have all had the opportunity to have a look and choose a new reading book if they wanted to. The books have been purchased with money raised by the PTFA, we would to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who support the PTFA events.


Don't forget to book your tickets for the Music event at Horwich RMI (see parentpay for details)

Last year's event was incredibly successful and raised a lot of money for school.


Next week is our Mackintosh/Ringgold Christmas party, children can wear their party clothes all day.

Thank you to everybody who has made their £1 donation towards the party food and prizes.


Home Learning

As we have had a busy week, we will have the List 7 spellings test next Wednesday 19th December.

Continue to read regularly at home and have diary signed.


Have a lovely weekend


Mrs Mead and The Mackintosh Team





30th November


A super week in Mackintosh!


Thank you to all of the parents who attended the meetings on Monday and Tuesday.


The Christmas Tree service today was lots of fun, Mackintosh class sang with gusto! (see Twitter) and everybody looked very festive.


Alice form the Brick charity came to visit Mackintosh this week, she talked to the class about the amazing work the charity does to support people in need and also thanked them for their generous donations.


Don't forget that the Youth Council will be taking part in the Blackrod Village lights switch on next Tuesday at 6.30pm.


Home Learning


Complete Cracking Comprehension Year 5 Black Beauty and Jungle Book by Friday 7th December

The children have written their passwords in their Home Learning diary and the link to Cracking Comprehension is at the bottom of this page.


Practise Spelling List 6 ible/able for the test on Friday 7th December

I have sent home a sheet of different strategies to support children in learning spellings in different ways.


Have a great weekend

Mrs Mead and the Mackintosh Team

23rd November


It has been a busy week in Mackintosh Class. The children have worked hard on their tests and deserve a relaxing weekend.


The trip to Bolton Museum and Library was a great success, the children were exceptional in their workshop and thoroughly enjoyed the play 'The 11th Hour'


The Winter productions rehearsals are going well, thank you to all the children who have given up their time after school.


Don't forget it's the class parent meetings on Monday and Tuesday, we look forward to seeing you then.


Home Learning


Chill out with a book! 3x30 minutes read with diary signed


Don't forget that it is the Christmas tree service next Friday, jumpers and accessories are optional as we begin to get into the Christmas Spirit


Have a great weekend


Mrs Mead and the Mackintosh Team

19th November


This week is Assessment week, the children will be undertaking tests which will be shared with yourselves at the upcoming Parent/Pupil/Teacher meetings.


We have a busy week ahead, as well as completing our assessments, we have a workshop with staff from The Brick Homeless Project, tomorrow's trip to the theatre and after school rehearsals on Monday and Thursday (Please check the letter to see when your child is required to attend.)


Letters sent home

WW1 Theatre Trip and workshop reminder - Tuesday 20th November 2018

Children need a packed lunch and to wear their school uniform


Home Learning

Grammar booklet Pages 2, 9, 10, 12 and 14  Due Monday 26th November

Reading with signature and comment 3x30 minutes (minimum)

Learn the 'Fraction Decimal Equivalents'  in Home Learning Diary off by heart.  Ongoing assessments will take place

12th November


Diwali day was a great success and all of the class enjoyed their food tasting and traditional dance session.

Thank you to all of the Mackintosh children who came back to school to tour prospective parents around school during the New Intake Open Evening. We had lots of positive feedback complimenting how fantastic the children were.

Yesterday the children of Mackintosh, Ringgold and Vox Box represented school brilliantly at the village Remembrance service. They sang beautifully and paraded with pride carrying the whole school art piece, it was displayed outside church yesterday and will be displayed at school this week.

Thank you to all of the families for supporting the service by bringing the children along.

(Photographs of this weeks events can be found on twitter)


Home Learning

Reading 3x 30 minutes per week - comments by adult or child and an adults signature

Learn Prime numbers off by heart (there will be mini tests this week)

Complete the Grammar word classes booklet. Children do need to be able to identify the different word classes- nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, verbs, adverbs and prepositions. Due to Wednesday 21st November 2018


Winter Production Rehearsal

A letter went home on Friday regarding rehearsals for the next two weeks. We understand some children are committed to clubs/competitions after school and just ask that they try to attend the rehearsals where possible.

'We will remember them' By Jane Smith

2nd November 2018


A busy first week back after half term, Mackintosh Class have been creatively writing spooky stories in English and enjoying using their imagination to create suspense.

In Maths we have been learning the Prime Numbers and will be assessing children on The Prime Numbers Challenge in the upcoming weeks (See Home Learning Diary)


Letters sent home this week:

Acceptable user policy - please sign and return to school asap

Remembrance Sunday service - please reply by Monday to indicate of your child can represent school at the local service.


Home Learning

3 X 30 minutes reading with comment and signature

Learn the Prime Numbers between 0-100 off by heart

Spelling List 5 for Friday 9th November


Practise singing the Remembrance song 'We will remember them' for the Remembrance service. 

(I have attached the files to be played at home)


Have a great weekend


Mrs Mead and the Mackintosh Team



Autumn Half Term


WOW! The first half term is complete and Christmas is on it's way smiley Thank you to all of the children who auditioned for the winter production 'Aladdin Trouble' Everybody gave a super effort and we will now sit down and make the difficult decisions regarding casting the roles. The children will be informed after the half term break.


Mackintosh Class have all written their home learning in their diaries for the half term and the week after half term.

Home Learning to be completed by Friday 2nd November is as follows:


6 x 30 minutes reading - children are allowed to write their own comments but require a parents/adults signature


To learn the multiplications for the awards Bronze, Silver and Gold (see Home Learning diary)


To practise this term's spellings List 1-4 for an assessment after half term (see lists below for reference)


Have a brilliant half term


Mrs Mead and The Mackintosh team




12th October 2018


It's been a busy week in Mackintosh class, the Harvest celebration assembly was lovely and the children performed their song with pride.

Thank you to everyone who donated to our Harvest collection. The children have delivered parcels to members of the village community and The Brick food bank collected our donations with the help of the children loading the van. The generosity has been overwhelming and we are truly grateful.

Mackintosh class are hoping to continue collecting for The Brick throughout the year.


We have tweeted our photographs from today and ill put them onto the class page very soon.


Next Tuesday is open day/evening to celebrate our new school building. Mackintosh class will be touring people around school and hosting the event alongside the staff. We would love to see as many people as possible at school.

At 11.20-11.50am Mackintosh class will  singing in their music lesson. Please come along and join in.


Letters home this week:


Engineering Day (3 children only)

Winter Production Audition next Weds or Thurs

Next terms snack

Open evening tour guides request (Mackintosh class only)

PTFA newsletter

WW1 Theatre trip


Home Learning:

Diaries need to be signed at least 3x per week. Children can write their own comment providing a parent signs it afterwards.

This week the number of children who had completed the home learning reading has been quite disappointing.


Spellings: We will be having an assessment week of this terms spelling patterns. The test will be on Thursday. Please practise all of the spellings from List 1-4

The lists are saved below if you need them for reference.


Have a great weekend


Mrs Mead and the Mackintosh team



28th September 2018


Thank you for all of your generous donations today which has supported our cake and coffee event. The children have been working incredibly hard to organise their event and should feel proud of their achievements, supporting an incredible charity.


This week the home learning spellings are List 3 'ant, ance, ancy' and the following key words:







Read for at least 3x 30 minutes each week


Have a lovely weekend


Mrs Mead and The Mackintosh Team



21st September 2018

Another great week in Mackintosh class, everybody has been working hard and being fantastic role models to the rest of school.


Thank you to all of the parents who attended the 'Meet the teacher' evening, we hope you found it informative. For those who were unable to attend, Mackintosh child/parent appointments are now available for booking in the school office. On Monday, the children will bring home the letters given out on Thursday evening for the parents meetings, PGL and a GDPR consent.

As discussed on Thursday, I have asked for the 'end of year' events to be added to Parentpay, (please note that this is not a request for them to be paid now)


Spellings for this week are List 2 'tial and cial' word endings and the following key words:






Don't forget to come and support us at the Macmillan coffee and cake event on Friday 28th September at 2pm-3.30pm


Bikeability dates are: Weds 6th March 2019 and Thurs 7th March 2019

Information to follow. 


Thank you for your continued support


Mrs Mead and the Mackintosh team



14th September 2018


Another great week in Mackintosh class, the children have really settled into our new routines and have worked hard.

Excellent efforts were made by all children for their Macmillan Home Learning task, they will be displayed around school next week as we begin to promote our event.


Home Learning for this week is to continue to read for a minimum of 3 x 30 minute sessions and to learn this weeks spellings 'tious/cious' for a spelling quiz next Friday.


Have a great weekend


Mrs Mead

7th September 2018

 Welcome back to BPS!

We have had a great start to the year, the Mackintosh class have come back to school with a positive attitude and are raring to go.smiley


We have started to learn all about our class artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh, if you have any items or information relating to his work, please share it with your children and/or send it into school.


This week we have had a short home learning task relating to the Macmillan Coffee and Cake event (see letter below) This task is due to be completed and handed in by Wednesday 12th September.

New school diaries will be provided shortly, I have asked the children to continue to read a novel of their choice for a minimum of 30 minutes 3x per week. Some children have chosen a new book from our class collection which they are welcome to take home.


A number of key school dates have been added to the school calendar this week so please check them, many involve the Mackintosh children.


The class need to bring the following items to school each day:

Water bottle

Reading book (an age appropriate novel of their choice)

1 small pencil case (we do provide all necessary equipment so this is not essential)


PE bag containing outdoor/indoor kit - PE will be outdoors this term

Lunch/snack if required


Any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to contact me at school


Thank you for your continued support


Mrs Mead


Times Table Rock Stars Parents Information

Mackintosh Class letters

Year 5&6 Home Learning Spelling and Vocabulary