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Letters and Sounds (phonics)

 To support the teaching of Letters and Sounds we use a scheme called Actiphons. Actiphons is a unique phonics programme which inspires children to learn their phonics through playing fun, sporting activities.


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Letters and sounds (also referred to as phonics) is when we teach the children the names of letters and the sounds that the letters make. This gives the children the knowledge they need to develop as readers.

From Reception through to Year 2 we teach phonics in phases from 1 – 6. They will move to the next phase as they become secure with the sounds, this includes recognising the sounds within words while reading and applying their sounds to their writing. During Reception they will initially focus on phases 2 and 3.

These presentations are intended as a home learning resource. Allowing you to see the order the sounds are taught and the letter formation so you can support your child at home. Mr Thorne and Geraldine the giraffe are a YouTube sensation and happen to teach amazing letters and sounds in a fun way. On each page there is a picture of Mr Thorne. If you click on this whilst in the slide show, it will take you to the video that supports the sounds.

These videos are on YouTube so do require parental supervision, as some of the proceeding adverts are not associated with education.