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L. S. Lowry

Here are some facts about L. S. Lowry, the famous English artist.

L. S. Lowry (Laurence Stephen Lowry) was born on 1st November 1887 in Stretford, Lancashire.​​​​​​​

The Lowry family moved to the industrial town of Pendlebury in 1909. The landscape was dominated by textile mills and the chimneys of factories, and this imagery left its mark on the young L. S. Lowry.

Lowry had taken art classes as a child and he went to the Manchester School of Art and then Salford Royal Technical College.

In 1932, Lowry’s father died and he looked after to his mother. After his mother fell alseep, Lowry started to paint, often finishing at 3 a.m.

Lowry’s paintings often featured industrial Pendlebury and they captured scenes of life in industrial England. His landscapes are often populated by stylised ‘matchstick men’ figures.

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