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Material World

In this project we are learning about materials used in the world around us. In particular their properties , uses and application in our own building project.

We have begun our learning by exploring the feel of different materials that we can't see and using our super adjectives to describe them.

We continued our learning by classifying objects into there materials. We then explored the properties of these objects and attached appropriate scientific vocabulary.
As part of this project we are learning about Isimbard Kingdom Brunel. He was a famous Engineer of the Victorian Period who designed and built many bridges and railways that still stand today. We began our learning about him by investigating what life was like in the Victorian Times.
We have developed our learning about materials by investigating which materials sink and which float. We had lots of fun and found it really interesting.
We continued our learning about materials by thinking about which materials would keep our class Meerkat teddy warm and dry. We worked in teams to create a coat for him and then tested whether he stayed dry or got wet. The children had lots of brilliant ideas and teddy stayed dry most of the time.
We have used our learning all about materials to design our own boats. We independently chose our own materials and then tested them to see if they floated or sank and if they were waterproof or absorbent.