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Faith Ringgold

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Ringgold began her painting career in the 1950s after receiving her degree. She took inspiration from the writings of James Baldwin and Amiri Baraka, African art, Impressionism and Cubism to create the works she made in the 1960s. Her early work is composed with flat figures and shapes. Though she received a great deal of attention with these images, her work was based on political themes and certain sensitive topics, such as racism. As a result, galleries and collectors were uncomfortable with displaying her work. Hence, a lot of her work remained unsold. One of her popular collections is America Black, also known as the Black Light Series, in which she experimented with darker colours. Ringgold stated that she switched away from painting to fabric to get away from the association of painting with Western traditions. She quilted her stories to be heard since she was unable to have her autobiography published.