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Out of this world

Gerald the Giraffe - Continents

When looking at our book of the week, Giraffes can't dance, the children were really excited to be learning about Africa (where Gerald lives). We showed the children the continent song - which they loved- and some of the children went on to look at the maps in provision and look at different places and the different continents. Others created their own maps with the different continents on it. We love being Explorers!

Planting Grass Seeds

Miss Sewart and the children had noticed that, due to the bad weather and the children running and walking on some of the grass in the outdoor area, that the grass had been killed and had turned to mud. 

We decided that we needed to have grass back so that the children could play on it again rather than get very muddy so we looked at how a seed grows and sand the seed song. We then worked together to plant some grass seeds. We raked the soil, scattered the seeds and watered them. We can't wait to see them grow!