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Investigating our Class Artist


In all of the KS1 classes we began our learning this term by investigating about our class artistes. We have looked at who our artists are, where they are from and the influences that inspire their art work.




Van Gogh


Animals including Humans - Science Project


Our first Curriculum Project of the term is to investigate different animals and how they are grouped by their features, what they eat and the types of animals they are. 


Firstly, we learnt about how we would classify the animals into 

B irds

R eptiles

A mphipibians

M ammals

F ish

I nvertebrates


We continued our learning by classifying a range of animals by the food that they eat. We learnt a funny song and became super Scientists to investigate 'specimens'. We had to carry out a close look at the 'specimen' to decide what the animal had been eating and then decide if the animal was a Carnivore, Herbivore or Omnivore. 

Our super science learning.

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Great Vocabulary.

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Fantastic Science facts

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Super Science thinking.

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Super reasoning.

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We have continued our science learning this week by investigating the human skeleton, recognising the similarities between animals and their babies, making informed decisions about what we need to survive and investigating how we look similar to our parents and families.

We completed our science project this week by looking at the foods that our bodies need to keep us healthy and deciding which foods are good for us and which we should eat less often.

Design and Technology Project - Healthy Pizza's


We have been using our super science knowledge and skills to help us design and plan which ingredients we should use to make a Healthy Pizza. We researched by tasting different bases and toppings and deciding which ingredients are healthier for us to include. We then designed our own healthy pizzas and discussed why our choices are healthier than our favourite pizza's.

This week we completed our Design and Technology project by using our new skills of grating, cutting, chopping and spreading to create our healthy pizzas. We followed the instructions we had written in our English Skills lessons and made fantastic pizzas which were delicious.

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