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The Stone Age

During this project we will be looking at the Stone Age Boy. We will focus on Skara Brae and look at how the houses were built during the Stone Age Era. We will study the the three periods and look at how those people who lived in that era caught found their food. We will also look at their clothing. 


We are also going to be creating our own Stone Age dwellings. We are really excited about this. 

Picture 1

We have used non-fiction texts to create posters full of information about the life of Stone Age people, how they caught/hunted their food, their clothing, how they cooked and prepared food and all the different jobs they had around their camp. We found out about their tools, hunter-gatherers, the hunt and their weapons. We worked well as a team. 

To make our Stone Age Dwellings we had to learn how to coiling string to bind materials together. We learnt how to measure to the nearest mm and how to make clay into different shapes. Our Stone Age Dwellings were very realistic and we really enjoyed making them. 


Some of us found out that if we didn't put our bricks together tight enough they would fall apart. This is something we will improve next time.