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Weekly Updates and Home Learning

22nd November 2019

We have had a busy week trying to get through as many  'quizzes'/Tests as we possibly can alongside lots of Christmas song practice for our Christmas play 'Midwife Crisis' . We have asked the children to start learning their lines particularly if they are in Y2 and they have chosen a speaking part. We would appreciate any support you can give to the children. We are trying to upcycle as much as we can and have tried to find costumes in school. You should have received a letter by Friday on costumes.

Here are the weekly spellings:


Y1- less, miss, pass, mess, class, dress 

Y2- giraffe, giant, gerbil, went, friend, once


Have a great weekend

15th November 2019


This week we started off by learning about the significance of remembrance day and we all worked together to create a giant poppy. We were amazing at answering lots of questions about Remembrance day too. We have also started to look at different types of sentences for example, statements, commands, questions and exclamatory sentences and wow the children have been  amazing at identifying these. 


In Maths we have practised more mental maths using addition, subtraction, multiplication and even some division.

Today we have really enjoyed learning about Children in need day and we even got a visit from Pudsey. Feel free to watch our Pudsey dancing on Twitter.


Here are the spellings for next week


full   till  bell  doll  skill  spill



bridge  fridge  sledge  to two too


We are delighted that so many of our children are using spelling shed to help them to practice their

spellings.We are having a competition with the other two classes and we obviously want to win !


Have a great weekend


8th November 2019


This week in English we  have really enjoyed  finding out more about the events in the Gunpowder Plot and have done a wonderful job of writing them all up.


In Maths we have been problem solving and focused on sequencing numbers in the 2 times tables.

Next week we will be creating our own giant poppy out of red leaves and stones , if you could collect some red leaves for us that would be great.


We will now be adding our weekly spellings to our class page and here are this weeks spelling :

     Y1 Spellings                                  Y2 Spellings


   puff                                                   huge

   cuff                                                   change

   huff                                                   stage

   stuff                                                  cage

   cliff                                                    about

   staff                                                   said


Children in Year 1 are free to challenge themselves and learn both lists if they want to. We will have a quick quiz in class to see how well the children know their spellings.


From now on, we will be adding a Picture News document so you can see what we have been learning in our KS1 assembly.



Have a great weekend.


Welcome back and we trust that you have had a restful and fun filled half term. Thank you to everyone who returned the weather diaries as we learned a lot by looking through them and discussing patterns.  This week we have practised addition and subtraction and we have learned that addition can be done in any order. In English we have started to learn about Guy Fawkes and have enjoyed hot seating- Guy Fawkes with all our amazing questions. We enjoyed our visit from the NSPCC visiting speaker where we learned lots and were treated to a special sticker !


on Remembrance day Key stage 1  are hoping to create a giant poppy made from red autumn leaves and black stones so if you do go out for an autumn walk we would love for you to start collecting for us.


We are finally relieved to say that our diaries have arrived so if you could complete them each week that would help us greatly. The purple mash and Spelling Shed logins are included at the back for you for the children to practice as  home learning. Thank you also for your generous and creative donations for our 'Pink' hamper they are greatly appreciated.


Have a great weekend



We have had a another wonderful week again in Van Gogh class  and can't believe it is half term already.  We have worked incredibly hard with all our learning this term  and are really loving our 'Down to Earth' topic. We have had a great time exploring autumn this week and thinking about all the seasons.

We have written some amazing facts about autumn too and punctuated our work superbly.


In Maths we have been learning about  adding numbers using our knowledge of place value and are getting very confident. In English we have been focusing on using our capital letters and full stops in the correct places and learning about verbs.


Today we will be sending a weather chart home to fill in over the half term if possible. Please could you return this on Monday. If you take any extreme reading pictures over the holiday could you please send them in too.


Have a fabulous half term

Mrs Thagia




We have had another great week of exciting learning, we have been creating our own fruit faces just like the artist Giuseppe Archimboldo and then we wrote a set of  amazing instructions on how to create our fruit face using time words. We have been doing lots of addition and subtraction practice this week and we have worked hard to know our 'doubles'. The highlight of the week has been when we learned all about primary and secondary colours and got to choose to paint a unique picture  of our own using either primary or secondary colours.

Don't forget Forest  School is on Wednesday and we can't wait.


We have had a great week again and really loved our visit from the Community Champion at Asda who came into talk to us about healthy foods and allowed us to try a variety of very unusual fruits and surprisingly  we loved a lot of them.

In Maths we have been learning about numbers which are greater and less than  and have been using symbols to represent these in number sentences. In English we have been focusing on using our capital letters and full stops in the correct places. We have applied our learning to our topic writing on Thomas Edison and did a great job.


Please can we remind all children to continue to bring their forest schools bags in on a Wednesday, we had quite a few children this week who forgot !



It has been a very wet and wild week in Van Gogh class this week. We have been writing fact pages on the famous artist Giuseppe Archimboldo and have learned absolutely lots. We have also been reinforcing our tricky words and learning how to form our letters correctly. In Maths we have been learning our number bonds to 10 and 20 and in the afternoons we have been making our own pictures in the style of Giuseppe Archimboldo which we have absolutely loved.

 Thank you for all of your generous donations for the Macmillan Coffee Event. The children enjoyed their cakes and taking part in a variety of games for this very worthwhile cause. 



We are experiencing extreme difficulties with the reading diaries supply company and are totally aware that we still have no diaries but we are delighted to learn from the children that lots of reading takes place at home. Thank you for your continued support.


Have a great weekend

Mrs Thagia

20th September 2019

We have had another week of amazing learning, In English we have been learning all about nouns and adjectives and writing more letters to Mr Dryburgh ! In Maths we have been learning about Place value and solving problems.

We are updating our extreme reading board in school to show children reading in wonderful places so if you have any great ideas please bring in your photos for us to share. Don't forget it is our bookfair next week and the Macmillan coffee morning on Friday afternoon from 1.30- 3.30.


Reminder -The P.T.F.A. A.G.M. meeting is on Tuesday 24th September 2019 at 6.30.


Have a fabulous weekend.

Mrs Thagia


13th September 2019

We have had a very busy week of fabulous learning again and this week we have really enjoyed reading the story ' Dear  Greenpeace ' and we have been learning all about Whales in our ocean. We have also done a fabulous job of writing letters to Mr Dryburgh to convince him that we have seen a whale in our school pond ! We think he believes us too. In Mathematics we are practising our counting up to 100 and beyond and we have been doing some great actions to help us. We have also been understanding place value and doing lots of practical activities. We are also learning about our continents and naming our oceans too. Now that our twitter account is up and running please try to follow us to see what we are getting up to .


Please could we request that you send your child's Forest School clothes in a distinct  plastic carrier bag with their name on it so they can easily recognise it as we need to store them together and then hand them out as efficiently as we can .


We are still waiting for delivery of our new home/school diaries. We will get those out to you as soon as possible.


PE is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so please remember to have your kit.


Have a great weekend.


6th September 2019

The children have all settled in really well and are already fabulous at knowing the  new routines and have been engaged in some very exciting learning. Every morning we have started off with an energetic phonics session and practised our sounds which the children have really loved. In Maths we have been  busy counting to 100 and understanding place value. We have also been finding out about the amazing time your children have been having in the holidays and the children have done some wonderful writing. Our topic this term is called 'Down To Earth' and we have been learning about all the continents in our World and the children have created some of their very own world maps.


The Van Gogh Team