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Spring Term

We have been identifying the features of a newspaper.

Autumn term 2

We will be creating calligrams about autumn and writing a non chronological report linked to our history topic.  

Creating Autumn calligram poems

Our focus text is 'Tiger Child' a folk tale from India.

Picture 1

Grammar Definitions - Year 2

Noun (object, person, name) - Katie took her bag to school.

Verb (action words) - The girl jumped over the fence.

Adjective (describing words) - short, blue, sparkling

Noun phrase (adjectives that describe a noun) - A dark, gloomy house.

Adverb (modifies a verb, adjective, adverb or clause) - Silently, he walked into the room. Joshua soon started snoring loudly. That was really exciting.



Question - Where is my ball?

Statement - That is a pretty dress.

Exclamation (starts with what or how) - What a beautiful day! How lovely!

Command - Put the milk into the bowl.



Apostrophe (possessive) - The boy's toys.

Apostrophe (contraction) - I'm, didn't, couldn't

Inverted commas - "Where are my shoes?" shouted Freddie.

Commas in a list - I bought a banana, some strawberries and an apple.