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Summer Term

Friday 6th June

The children had an amazing morning at Bolton arena and they were a credit to our school. If you require more information about tennis sessions at the arena, forms have been placed outside the office. This week the children have been given their Year 2 transition book, which will show samples of writing over the next few weeks. This book will then be used for writing in Year 2 for the first half term. The class were very excited when they got to choose their own pet dinosaur this week. They have given their pet a name and it lives in their tray. At certain times it can come and sit with the children when they are writing. The dinosaur is looking out for children who are Year 2 ready - sitting correctly at the table, holding their pencil correctly and forming all letters perfectly. This has caused much excitement - the small things are often the best!

Please remember to send water bottles, sun hats and suntan cream next week.

Have a fabulous weekend.


Friday 29th June

What an amazing week we have had! Children carried out a few maths assessments this week. Year 1 spellings and number bonds will be assessed over the next few weeks, with silver and gold certificates being given out. In class we have been reading lots of dinosaur books and writing our very own dinosaur story. The dinosaur themed day was an amazing opportunity to have a hands on lesson about fossils and meet Sophie the seven year old T-Rex. Thank you for supporting our class mini enterprise by buying the pebbles. We will also be selling the lucky dip party bags at the summer fair tomorrow, please come and support the Year 1 stall.

Have a fantastic weekend, enjoying this wonderful Blackrod event.


Friday 22nd June

This week the children have been carrying out a variety of reading and grammar tests/quizzes. Alongside this we have been looking at addition and subtraction facts and making dinosaur books to read with Reception children. Some parents have been asking about phonics screening results. These will be shared at the end of the term when annual reports are sent home. However, please be reminded that this is not a comparison to other children, as phonics is only a small part of reading. Next week we will be having a dinosaur themed week. Children in Year 1 will be having a special dinosaur workshop alongside a special assembly. As previously stated in the letter sent home this week, we are asking for a voluntary donation of £4.00 for both activities. This can be made via Parent Pay.


Friday 15th June

We are very proud of the children this week, they have worked very hard, especially when doing their 'phonics quiz'. In English children have written summer poems and continued to perform their poems to the class. In Maths, they have completed work on time, looking at o'clock and half past. Next week is assessment week with children carrying out reading, maths, spelling and grammar tests. As always the children will be brought out in small groups to complete these in a very relaxed way. 

Have a lovely weekend. 


Friday 8th June

A super start to our final summer term.  Children have continued to be split into small groups with Mrs Chadwick, Mrs Wilson and Mrs Thagia for additional reading and phonics support. This has replaced daily and 1:1 reading. The children have been working very hard with their phonics and having lots of fun. Next week is the phonics screening week, please ensure children are in all week. As mentioned previously, additional resources for the phonics screening can be found on the class web page for revision.

This week we have looked at capacity in Maths. In English, children have been writing recounts and starting sentences in different ways. All children have performed a poem in front of the class this week. Thank you so much for your support with this, we have been blown away by the poems performed in class. 


Friday 18th May

Another industrious week with the children working very hard. We have been playing a variety of phonics games, continuing to look at digraphs and trigraphs and blending the sounds together to say the word. We have also been adding ing and ed onto root words, for example climb - ing or climb -ed. In maths we have started learning about multiplication and division. We have also been counting groups in 2's, 5's and 10's.


Toys are not allowed in school, regardless of their size, this also includes pokemon and football cards.

Home Learning

This week children have used the library, which is instead of their regular reading book. Please can you share your child's library books with them at home and return to school for next Wednesday.

Please continue to practise the sounds from the phonics mats we have given you and have  alook at previous phonics screens on the class web page.

Have a lovely weekend


Friday 11th May

We got off to a very exciting start this week, with a visit to the forest area. The children played a variety of team building and co-operation games. They also made dens and climbed trees. We have been writing recounts, starting sentences in different ways, using first, then next and after that. In maths we have looked at partitioning numbers to one hundred, for example 56 = 5 tens and 6 ones.

Phonics Screening

Over the next few weeks we will be focussing on the Phonics screening that all Year 1 children will be doing in June. Guided reading sessions and 1:1 reading sessions will be looking at the different sounds from Phases 2,3,4 and 5. We will then be looking at previous phonics screens, which can be found on the class webpage. Children need to look for the patterns (the digraph or trigraph) and then read the word, for example in sheep there are two digraphs, 'sh' and 'ee' and in  night there is one trigraph 'igh'. The more children practise the digraphs (two letters one sound) and the trigraphs (three letters one sound) the easier it will be to read real and alien words, as discussed in the Phonics Parents' meeting.

We have also sent home the Phase 5 phonics mats to practise reading and writing the sounds with at home, we are constantly assessing children for knowing these sounds.


We have spoken to the children about not bringing toys in from home. Please can you remind your child about this in a morning before they set off for School.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 1 team.


Friday 4th May

This week we have been looking at writing instructions to show how to look after a Bog Baby. In maths we have been solving word problems using addition and subtraction. The children went out for a nature walk in Science looking at wild flowers.

Please can you check the trainers in your child's PE bag as many children have grown out of them.

Next week we will be going into the forest area. Children will need to have a pair of tracksuit bottoms in school. If they have one in their PE kit we will use that.

Have  a lovely bank holiday weekend.


Friday 27th April

What an amazing week! We are all very proud of our Year 1 children, producing an amazing assembly this week. Today was Amazing Me Day; we have spent the day using adjectives to describe how amazing we all are. Children have been sharing kind words with other children and adults as we celebrated each other.

Guided reading this week has been assessing phase 3,4 and 5 sounds and reading many alien and real words in preparation for the phonics screening. Additional information regarding sounds your child needs to learn will be included in your home-learning diary next week. We have also been assessing key words and number stories, awarding many stickers

In English, we have started writing a Bog Baby fact file. In Maths, we have been explaining whether an answer to an equation is correct or incorrect and why.

Thank you for your continued support with home learning, have a lovely weekend.


Friday 20th April

Welcome back.

The children have settled back into school life with ease and enthusiasm. Many thanks to the parents who attended the phonics meeting on Tuesday. If you were unable to attend we have included a variety of phonics related activities, including phonics screenings from previous years. As we explained in the meeting these samples can be practised at home or downloaded to your phone.

This week we introduced the children to our new book, Bog Baby. We have had lots of fun going on Bog Baby hunts and writing about Bog Babies. In maths, we have been looking at place value to one hundred; filling in missing numbers on a hundred square and looking at how many tens and ones there are in a two digit number, for example, in 62 there are six tens and two ones.


Wednesday 25th April, 9.00am: Class assembly – parents are invited to attend this short assembly.

Please can children come to school wearing their princess and the pea costumes for this assembly. They will need to bring their uniform in a bag to change into after the assembly.


This week we have been assessing key words and number stories from the spring term list. This will continue next week and then we will start to look at summer term words.


Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sun.




Spring Term

Thursday 29th March

This week we have enjoyed a variety of Easter themed activities. We have continued to look at Easter poems and look at place value within 50. Children have continued to make their 3D castles in Design Technology.

Dates for your diary:

Tuesday 17th April, 6.00pm: Parents’ Phonics meeting – this is an important meeting to discuss the phonics screening that will take place for all Year 1 children in June. Additional resources to support the screening can be found at the bottom of the Year 1 class webpage.

Wednesday 25th April, 9.00am: Class assembly – parents are invited to attend this short assembly.

Please can children come to school wearing their princess and the pea costumes for this assembly. They will need to bring their uniform in a bag to change into after the assembly.

Have a lovely Easter break and we look forward to the summer term.

Mrs Chadwick and Mrs Wilson



Friday 23rd March

As always another industrious week, with the children continuing their work on spring poems. We have created a lovely maths display, looking at counting in 2's, 5's and doubles to 20. Children have also been ordering numbers to 50, looking at place value, for example 36 = three tens and six ones. In phonics we have been revising all of the phase 2, 3, 4 and 5 sounds in preparation for the phonics screening in June. A letter regarding a phonics parents' meeting will be sent home next week.

Please check phonics resources at the bottom of the Year 1 class page for previous phonics screening examples. These examples can be downloaded to practise at home, little and often is always the recommended advice.

Next week we have the Easter bonnet parade for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children on Thursday at 3.00pm. If you have a child in KS2 you can view their eggs from 2.30pm before the parade. Please can all Easter bonnets be brought into school for Wednesday.

Many Thanks

Friday 16th March

We have had a super week celebrating World Book Day alongside our visit from the author today. We have continued our work on shape in maths. In English we have been writing poems about spring, using noun phrases.  Another super week Year1!

Friday 9th March

Another amazing week! We have all worked very hard this week. As always the children have shown lots of enthusiasm towards all that we have done in class. On Wednesday we went for a walk around the village looking at key features. This also linked to our life skills road safety topic. Children have been working with Mrs  Cooke, learning how to be safe near the road.

A HUGE thank you for the amazing models you made at home. They are currently being displayed around the classroom and in the School entrance. The children have enjoyed showing their creativity to the class - well done children and parents!


It is World Book Day on Wednesday, don't forget to come dressed in your pyjamas for the Bedtime stories theme

Have a lovely weekend.

Home Learning:

Daily reading

Practise key words and number stories

Friday 2nd March Newsletter

We have had a lovely first week back at School. The children created many special memories this week when they took part in the Princess and the Pea production in Manchester. The children and staff all looked amazing - thank you. This half term we will be linking our English to traditional/fairy tales, starting with the Princess and the Pea story. Children will be re-telling stories, using lots of story language and starting their sentences in different ways.

In Maths we are looking at numbers up to 50. We will continue to use our number bonds to ten and doubles to help with this.

We have started our new Science topic on floating and sinking.

Guided reading this week has been replaced with whole class reading, learning the Princess and the Pea story. All children have still been read to on a 1:1.

Next week is test week in School. These 'quizzes' are carried out in a very informal way, in small groups or on a 1:1.


Daily reading

Practise key words and number stories

Autumn Term

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