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The Local Authority is responsible for determining and administering the policy relating to the admission of pupils to the school. Admission to school Children are admitted to the Reception class in the Autumn Term of the year in which they reach their 5th birthday.

Starting School

We believe that starting School is an important time for every family and we try to make the transition from home a happy and secure one. Our new children visit the Reception classroom several times in the half term before starting, initially with Mum or Dad. This `get to know you' time helps dispel anxiety for the children (and parents). We admit the new children on a half daily basis at the beginning of term. This enables the teacher to talk to new parents and children individually. These procedures are explained in more detail in letters sent out by Mr Dryburgh well in advance. A pre-school booklet is distributed at the same time containing suggestions for parents as to how to help their child make a happy and successful start with us.

Our Admission Policies