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Design a smoothie drink

As part of our 'Healthy and Varied Diet' topic, Year 4 are going to create a range of refreshing smoothies.  They will begin by sampling a range of ingredients, exploring appearance, texture and taste.  They will also research a range of smoothie recipes, discussing ones they like and dislike.  They will also explore why people buy and make these popular drinks.  The class will have the opportunity to develop their preparation skills; using utensils to prepare ingredients before blending and making their own smoothies.  As part of the topic the children will use their computing skills to design a brand to go on their smoothie bottle.
Year 4 welcomed back the design and technology team at Rivington and Blackrod High School.  They used their recipes to prepare and make their individual smoothies.  They then poured the delicious mixture into a bottle and placed their predesigned smoothie label on it.  The results were fantastic.
Year 4 have been practising their chopping and cutting skills with the support of our partners at Rivington and Blackrod High School.  The children used utensils to cut and chop a variety of fruits.  They then combined a variety of fruits and tasted them simultaneously to build their understanding of flavours.

Year 4 have been using their homework, which was to design a smoothie label, to create similar versions in Computing.  They have been building up their knowledge and skills of using a programme called 2D Primary.  Once they have developed their understanding of the software they will create a label for their smoothie bottle.

This week Year 4 started their smoothie topic by investigating a range of ingredients that could be used in a smoothie.  They explored a range of fresh fruit and vegetables, analysing their texture, appearance and taste.