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To support our understanding of sound, we have looked at how vibrations move through the ear.  The children have reconstructed a model of the ear.  They have also looked at how our hearing is heightened when we can't see.  The children played a game of 'bats and moths' to demonstrate this.  The class also looked at sign language and tried signing to each other. 
Our work on sound has led us to investigate vibrations.  The children looked at how sound is made by creating a vibration. They undertook a carousel of activities which produced vibrations using a range of equipment.
As part of our topic on sound, the children have examined images of different animals.  They looked at the shape of their ears, how their ears moved and what purpose they served.
Year 4 have undertaken a sound walk around the school.  They listened to sounds in various locations around the school, spending 2 minutes in each location.  They then recorded their observations, listing whether the sound was natural or man-made.