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Design Technology

PUPPETS (textiles)


TASK - Design and make a hand puppet to use in a puppet show.



TASK - Design a vehicle for the Easter bunny to carry his eggs in.

Year 2 spent a lot of time exploring different wheeled objects. We then had to investigate the differences between a free moving axle and a fixed axle. We then had to decide which axle our chosen design would have. On Thursday we had a full day of design technology. We made our vehicles and even tested them to see if a real chocolate egg would fit inside.


To design and make a fruit kebab for a child in Year 1 who is a fussy eater.


We linked our design technology work to our challenge curriculum topic on 'Where would you preger to live England or Africa?'


First of all we had to research what fruits were grown in Africa. Then we had the exciting part of tasting the fruit. We then voted on which was our favourite fruit and put the information into a bar chart. We then had to choose the fruits we thought a year 1 child would like and came up with a design in our topic books.


Before we could make our fruit kebab, we had to work with Mrs McGrail to practice using different utensils to cut the fruit. We used knives, a grater, a juicer and a peeler.


Here are our finished fruit kebabs! MMMMM delicious!