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Have we always looked like this? (Evolution)

Year 6 Science Challenge: Have we always looked like this?




We have studied inheritance and looked at the characteristics that the offspring have inherited from their parents.

We each created a flanimal and named them,  two flanimals paired up and became parents. We used characteristics from each parent to create the offspring.



Year 6 observed the process of fossilisation by using practical strategies to aid their understanding.  They used resources to build a recreation of what happens over a period of ten thousand years to form fossils.

Understanding the process of fossilsation

Evolution and Adaptation


We used the historical information of Charles Darwin's trip to the Galapogas Islands. There he discovered the process of adaptation in animals. We used various resources to recreate different sized beaks and experimented with which sized beak could collect the most suitable food.

Charles Darwin discovered that the same species of bird lived on each of these islands. However the birds had adapted to the food sources available to them  and this was evident as they had different types of beaks.