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Safer Internet Day

As part of 'Safer Internet Day', Year 4 has been exploring cyber bullying.  The children have undertaken activities that have enabled them to explore what it is like to hear positive and negative comments both online and face to face.  They have learnt what to do in situations where they feel uncomfortable by negative or abusive comments.  The class have also worked collaboratively to put together a list of recommendations about staying safe online.  These recommendations were then presented to Year 2. 


The class have agreed their top 5 rules are:

- Tell an adult when they read something that they feel uncomfortable with;

- Use the CEOP button for series incidents;

- Don't feel the need to fit in, be yourself and respect other people’s beliefs;


- Never share passwords, names and addresses;

- If you see something that upsets you, close the laptop lid or minimise the screen.  Never close the screen completely as it enables an adult to see what has upset you without having to explain what you have seen.

This term Year 4 are developing their coding skills.  They have been using Purple Mash to programme avatars to move across the screen and undertake different tasks.