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Windy Day Madness

We went onto the junior playground with the windy day box and enjoyed letting some steam off after a long week.

Bookshop Role-Play

We are learning about the famous characters in our books. We designed and painted our own multi-coloured bookshop complete with fairy lights.

Outdoor Learning - Gruffalo Collages


We worked as a group to collect natural materials to create a class collage of the Gruffalo. Wonderful work Reception! 

We are all very excited about gymnastics. We have been working with Miss Parr to develop control and co-ordination of small and large movements. We are learning to use the equipment and negotiate space safely. Lots of fun!

Ice Factor

We looked at the changes that happen to ice. We explored what happened when we added water, heat and salt. 

Expressive Arts and Design

We have been exploring textures and prints using straw, sticks and bricks from the Three Little Pigs story.

Outdoor Learning- Three Little Pigs

We built houses from straw, sticks and bricks in the Secret Garden, then we acted out the story recalling key phrases the characters used in the story.