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Phonics Reading Test - Summer

Many thanks to the parents that attended the phonics reading evening. Additional information for the phonics reading test can be found on the year 1 class webpage. These flashcards and powerpoints can be downloaded to your ipad and phone. Remember little and often. 


Phase 5 Phonics - Spring

This half term we will continue to learn new sounds within Phase 5. A main focus will be reading and spelling split digraphs. The sounds that we will be covering are:

a-e   e-e   i-e    o-e   u-e . ‘zh’ as in treasure and alternative pronunciations for: i,  o, c, g, u, ow, ie, ea

High Frequency words will be:

water, where, day, when, out, made, came. who, because, one, make, here. again, different, do, thought, any, saw



Phase 5 Phonics - Autumn

We have now progressed to Phase 5 Phonics. Each week we will learn a new group of sounds. We will continue to look at sounds from Phase 3 and words from Phase 4. This half term the sounds covered will be:

ay   ou   ie   ea   oy   ir   ue   aw   wh   ph   ew   oe   au   ey   a-e   e-e          

High Frequency words will be:

Mr, Mrs, don’t, by looked, time, your, called some, come were have, like people, house, about said, so oh, old, their

Due to parental feedback Mrs Chadwick will hold a Phonics workshop for parents, in school on Wednesday 18th November 2.30pm