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Why is the North West an amazing place to live?

Throughout this topic Year 4 will be looking at developing their geography skills and building on their knowledge of the North West landscape. The children will refresh their knowledge of the cities in the North West and will look at the changing landscapes in this area of the country.  They will also look at where the North West is positioned in the world and undertake local field studies.
To support our geography topic, Year 4 have undertaken a variety of field studies around the school grounds.  They have investigated land use by the school, accessibility by different groups, climate and areas that attract the most sun and would be appropriate to position solar panels. Each group planned their own learning journey and experiments, as well as took a range of photographs of the school grounds and its uses.  They also presented their findings to the rest of the class. 
Year 4 have undertaken a local land survey in Blackrod village.  Despite the torrential downpour the children looked at what the land in Blackrod is used for.  They then discussed their findings using Digimap and plotted the different land uses on the geography website.