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Who were the Mayans?

This term Year 6 have studied the Challenge Curriculum question

'Who were the Mayans and what did we learn from them?'


We created our own learning challenges and studied this fascinating ancient civilization. In Creative Curriculum with Miss Parker we have studied Mayan Art. We painted pictures inspired by artwork by The Maya, we worked with an art teacher at a local secondary school to create ceramic tiles and made water features. In computing, we produced our own TV documentary 'The Mayans'.

Have a look below at our wonderful work, follow us on twitter @Year6BPS or pop into class to see our classroom displays and 'Year 6 Floor Book'



We took our tiles to Canon Slade High School and fired them in the kiln in the ceramics studio. After looking at the bright and bold colours used in Mayan artwork, we worked with Mrs Easton to blend and shade colours onto our tiles using wax crayons.

Finally we covered our tiles in black indian ink and then ran it under the cold water tap. The ink washed away leaving us with our unique tile inspired by the artwork of The Maya.

We practised techniques in rolling clay, preparing its surface and scoring and slipping to attach features.

We used a variety of tools and materials to imprint texture and pattern onto the clay.

From this session, we chose our preferred techniques, tools and patterns to use in our final design.