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Year 4 have been learning about tie-dyeing.  Taking inspiration from the international renowned artist, Marian Clayden, the children experimented dyeing a range of materials in different colours and using different tying techniques. 
As part of our PSHE topic on friendship, Year 4 have worked with a partner to control a marble and create a splat image.  They had to choose colours that they thought their partner would like and mix the colours together.
We have been experimenting with wax crayons and black paint to create vibrant scratch images.
Year 4 have been using different colours of inks to explore paint dripping.

Year 4 have been looking at the visual effects of marbling. They experimented with shaving foam and food colouring to create striking images. 

Year 4 have been practising using acrylic based paints and comparing it to watercolours.  They experimented mixing colours, applying it thickly and watering it down.  They made notes about their application in their sketch books.

This week in Art we have been experimenting with our drawing techniques.  The class have used 1.5m bamboo sticks, with a pencil attached to the end, to draw a skeleton leaf.  After 10 minutes of drawing with the stick, they changed their technique and drew traditionally with a pencil and compared the results. 


Year 4 have been experimenting with mixing and blending watercolours to create mood.  To inspire their mood colours the class chose the themes of Winter and Christmas.  Practising first in their sketch books, they mixed a range of warm and cold colours.  The children then used their knowledge of colour to create winter scenes, which were used for calendars.  The children also sprinkled salt on their images and observed the effects.