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Building Site Visits

Site Visits


Whilst the very exciting school extension is being built, the children in school have been, and will continue to be visiting the building site to look at the progress that is being made. The children have been shown all the different sections of the site and shown some of the vehicles that have been used to dig the foundations. The progress is very exciting!

Site Champions


Site champions are two children from the School Council that have been chosen through a vote to take part in regular site visits and update the children in school on what is happening on the building site. They are able to ask questions to the site manager and his team to find out different information and answers to some of the questions that are being asked in school by other children.


The two site champions took part in their first visit in March where they looked around the site, asked questions and took lots of pictures to feed back and show the rest of the school through class assemblies.

Have a look at what they got up to below: