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Animals, including humans

During the second part of the Autumn term Year 4 will be exploring 'Animals, including humans'.  The children will be reconstructing the digestive system; researching what a healthy diet is; discussing what is good oral hygiene and investigating food chains and webs.



Warburtons Healthy Eating & Marketing Visit:

To kick start our new topic, Year 4 have had a fantastic visit from Warburtons.  The children have looked at the history of this successful company and how it functions today.  They have looked at the 'eat well plate' and found out that two slices of Warburtons fruit loaf is 1 of your 5 a day!  The children have also discussed food waste and marketing/advertising.  Years 4 also made their own healthy sandwiches and have discovered a love for black olives!  Here are some of the photographs from our Warburtons visit.


Year 4 have been exploring the digestive system and what happens when we eat something.  The lesson started by eating a biscuit and discussing what we thought was happening.  The children then recreated the digestive system, exploring the function of the mouth, oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine and rectum.  Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed exploring the journey food makes in our bodies.

Exploring our teeth:

As part of our topic we have been delighted to welcome Lorna Dibnah from the Oral Health Team (Bolton Healthy Schools).  Lorna described the types of teeth we have and their functions (incisors, canines, pre-molars and molars).  The children discussed the topic of tooth decay and ways of preventing it, including brushing and limiting sugary foods and drinks to meal times.  The children even had a go at brushing their teeth correctly to remove plaque.

Investigating tooth decay:

Year 4 has been investigating what they like to drink.  The class have created bar and tally charts to record the most popular choices of drink, which include milk, energy drinks, fruit juices and fizzy drinks.  Year 4 then carried out a fair test to investigate the effect different drinks have on our teeth.  They poured 200ml of different drinks into jam jars containing hard boiled eggs.  The eggs will be left in the liquid for one week.  All the children have made predictions about which drink they think will cause the most damage and which will cause the least.

Food chains and food webs:

Year 4 have been investigating food chains in our school grounds.  The class found lots of mini beasts and plant life and discussed what animals might come into the garden at night.  The children then went on to draw different food chains, starting with a producer and moving onto different consumers.