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Forest School Ethos

Our Forest School Ethos Statement

Forest school is an inspirational education approach to learning. Stepping away from the constraints of the traditional four walls allowing children the time and space to initiate their own learning. This approach turns the institutionalised lesson plans on their head and focuses on the process of learning rather than the content, ‘how’ we can learn rather than, ‘what’ we can learn.


At forest school children develop through regular experiences in the woodland; developing the child as a whole, in an enabling natural environment. Through regular pressure free practical activities, children develop in such areas as resilience, confidence, self-esteem, imagination and independence.


Forest school allows the child’s full capacity to be respected; allowing them to use tools, explore, investigate, assess risks and on occasion sneak worms into their pocket. There are no ceilings to their learning, no ability groups, no discrimination, no tests and most of all no pressure.


It is the adults role to lead by example, observing the child initiated learning and being the catalyst to further their possibilities. Forest school allows the opportunity for children to  access an unlimited learning potential.